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December 17, 2014
Android 2.1
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About Radio FM 90s

Send alphanumeric pages from your Android powered phone! The medical industry relies heavily upon the use of pagers and now you can communicate with them using this application.

A1 Pager (Pro) syncs with your contacts, keeps a history of all the pages sent and it allows you to resend the same message to multiple contacts using the Replay button! (WARNING: Using the replay button too many times in succession can be deemed as sending an excessive number of pages by the paging network. They reserve the right to suspend pages from your phone to their network if this occurs. We recommend not sending more than 10 pages in a five minute time period to avoid being suspended.)

IMPORTANT: I recommend you try A1 Pager (Lite) to test whether A1 Pager supports your pager's network before purchasing the professional version. Both applications use the same technology so if you can receive a page from the Lite version you will be able to receive it from the Pro version.

Please email me at [email protected] to add networks, report issues, explain bugs, or with any feature requests you'd like to see in future versions.

A1 Pager supports the following major pager networks:

American Messaging
Contact Communications
Cook Paging
Midwest Paging (Uses a 7 digit number)
Teletouch Paging
USA Mobility (formerly Arch Wireless and Metrocall)

A1 Pager cannot guarantee the delivery of pages being sent from mobile devices. It should not be used in an emergency where failure of delivery will cause potential harm or financial loss. This is particularly true with Midwest Paging. We are unable to verify a response from their network and you will always receive the message "Error: Page Not Accepted" when sending to a user on Midwest Paging's network even though it may be sent successfully.

The number of characters a network will allow ranges from 230 to 499 characters and the exact figure for your network is displayed in the application.

Numeric pages may work but be aware the message should be significantly shorter. This application is not specifically designed to transmit numeric pages.

Must be connected to the internet in order to send pages using A1 Pager!

What's New in this version

V2.1.1: Added back Cook Paging. Bug fix for name when adding recipient.