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1.1 (Updated)
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March 12, 2017
Android 4.1 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

AccountMe has a many great features to keep the accountability of user's money by keeping all the records of expenses and incomes.

User just to need to do entry of their expense and incomes under a category to which it expend money.
It makes users aware about their expenses and make them to analyze data where user can cosntrict their extravagant spending.
It has features to represent the expenses in many graphical forms as well as in excel sheet.

Do expense or income data entry : Launch the app click on "ADD EXPENSE" at right-top side -> select payment mode out of Cash, Card or Net Banking
-> enter amount -> select expense category -> select date -> add comment to make it more specific as per your convenience-> save it.
Follow the same suit to to income entry.

See Reports in App only : Go to left drawer -> click on "Reports" -> get current date report -> select your desirable time slot through date picker and get reports in list format, pie chart, line chart and stack chart in soothing colors.

See Reports in excel : Go to left drawer -> click on Excel Sheet report -> a alert will tell you the file location -> click on ok button -> get excel sheet at mentioned location.
Users facilitated by a monthly expense detail mail in your google account.

Get Notified : Users will be notified at the end of the day in order to remind them for expense or income entry.Even after this if user miss still you can
add do the entry of past detail.

No extra resourse : AccountMe doesn't take ant extra resourse of user's device and also has a very limited collection of assets that doesn't consume phone
memory. It's vert light in all apsects and fit for all devices with the supprt of all screen resolution.

Auto expense report : At the end of the month user will receive a expense sheet in excel format.

What's New in this version

Issues Fixes and UI changes to enhance user experience and some more features.