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1.4 (Updated)
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December 03, 2013
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  • Anatomy & Physiology Cards Screenshot
  • Anatomy & Physiology Cards Screenshot
  • Anatomy & Physiology Cards Screenshot
  • Anatomy & Physiology Cards Screenshot
  • Anatomy & Physiology Cards Screenshot
  • Anatomy & Physiology Cards Screenshot
  • Anatomy & Physiology Cards Screenshot

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Exploring how our bodies work and function through high resolution Anatomy & Physiology Flash cards plus with new features like ability to take voice notes/Written notes and complete search

Key Features:
• Complete alphabetic index of 335 high resolution anatomy and physiology cards.

• Full search on all 335 cards to quickly get to the cards you want to review.

• Take voice notes with each card and access it from action menu to hear them later. All voice notes are organized under My Voice notes Section. Great for taking voice notes while studying.

• Take written comments/notes with each card for later review and discussion with your friends. All comments are organized under My Comments Section. Lets you take notes in classroom on the material that is being thought.

• Users have ability to bookmark specific cards for later review. Helps you make your own personal deck.

• Pinch zoom to see great anatomy figures in greater detail.

• Self score option to track how well you know each area. Share your scores on Facebook and twitter with your friends.

• A must app for review before important Anatomy and Physiology Exams.

• Great app for Patient Education

This series of 335 illustrated flash cards explores essential concepts of human anatomy & physiology. The cards are color coded and indexed into 14 sections for easy reference. The anatomy cards are organized into the systems of the body. The physiology cards graphically explain the processes vital to the functioning of human beings. Cards can be individually bookmarked to help organize your studies in specific areas. You can track your proficiency as you increase your knowledge in the specific regions of anatomy. Ideal for students or health ­­care providers, the app is easy to use and navigate.

335 cards divided into 14 sections:
• Introduction – 14 cards
• Cells and Tissues – 14 cards
• The Integumentary System – 11 cards
• The Skeletal System – 39 cards
• The Muscular System – 53 cards
• The Nervous System – 51 cards
• The Endocrine System – 15 cards
• The Vascular System – 38 cards
• The Lymphatic System – 9 cards
• The Respiratory System – 20 cards
• The Digestive System – 26 cards
• The Urinary System – 16 cards
• The Reproductive System – 15 cards
• Pregnancy & Birth – 14 cards

Scientific Publishing is a leading medical publisher specializing in patient education related items for the health care industry. Our goal is to help improve health by educating the consumer in human anatomy and health related issues using dynamic, informative illustrations, models and teaching aids.

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What's New in this version

Complete search, Index of all cards, Ability to add comments and voice notes to each card.