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1.2.3 (*)
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September 09, 2013
Android 2.3.3 and up
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****** ATTENTION ******
Apex MobileSketch™ is designed as a companion product for Apex Sketch v5.x (Windows Desktop Application).
Although MobileSketch will run on most Android devices, MobileSketch for Android is NOT designed for Android Phones due to size limitations, resolution and UI scaling issues.
Visit our website for more information.
****** ATTENTION ******

Apex MobileSketch™ is designed for mobile professionals who need to quickly draw floor plan sketches and calculate areas from measurements they gather on site. MobileSketch™ for Android continues a 25 year history of sketching solutions that have been setting the industry standards for Residential & Commercial Real Estate Appraisers, Property Tax Assessors, Insurance Inspectors, Energy Auditors/Solar Installers, Firefighters and other related industries. Simply put, if you are in these or similar industries and need a FAST and EASY floor plan sketching and accurate area calculation solution, MobileSketch™ is the tool for you.

Intuitive Drawing Functionality to Match Your Workflow
• Draw areas by touch or by inputting distance & direction with the built-in touch panel.
• Multi-Tap arrows for minor adjustments or Tap & Hold for automatic alignment.
• Long-Tap functionality to fine drawing increments.
• Define closed areas for instant & precise area calculations.
• New Additive-Define Area allows you to detect and create areas from existing areas.
• Pen-up/Pen-down functionality allows you to draw from anywhere at any time.
• Easily draw any angle using Rise & Run measurements or specifying the Degree of turn.
• Draw curves as you encounter them by adjusting the curve properties on site.
• Use the Interactive Context Area to quickly change the properties of selected or active items.
• Draw only the walls necessary to complete the areas. No tracing common walls required.
• Create Positive or Negative Areas for accurate Net Area adjustments.
• Heads-Up-Display for constant feedback of distances, angles drawn and alignment indication.
• Call-to-Close Tools and Auto-Close operation to instantly draw lines or complete Areas.
• Multi-Page Support

Helpful Annotation Tools
• Text Library for quick labeling and other annotation.
• Scaled Symbol Library for easy illustration and additional detail.
• Automatic Snapping, Flipping and Mirroring or Symbols.
• Pinch Resizing and Rotation of Symbols and Text Labels

Powerful Editing Capabilities
• Insert & Delete operations for quick error correction and/or adjustments.
• Pan & Zoom at any time to view your sketches up close.
• Reopen defined Areas from any wall for pinpoint editing.
• Save valuable time using Clone Area for instant creation of identical/similar Areas.
• Flip & Mirror makes drawing duplexes & “cookie cutter” properties a simple task.

Other Valuable Features
• Email Sketch Files
• Import MobileSketch™ files into Apex Sketch v5™ (desktop sketching application - see developer site)
• Calculation Summary for quick verification while still on site.
• High Contrast UI for enhanced outdoor visibility
• And much more…

Support for a Custom Area Code Table:
In order to use a custom area code table, follow the directions below:
To load a custom Area Code Table, you will have to copy the AXWDDA1.XML file from your Apex Sketch™ v5 Pro and put it on your Android device in the following location:

©2004 - 2013 Starcap Marketing, LLC. dba Apex Software

What's New in this version

New in Apex MobileSketch for Android v1.2.3

• Added 3rd party integration protocols. **Contact Apex for More Information**

• Officially supports JellyBean 4.3

• Added support for the new DISTO E7500i

• Fixed connectivity problems with some Leica DISTO D8 units

• Adjustments made to panels to display properly on new Nexus 7