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8.3.4 (*)
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January 09, 2019
Android 4.1
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About Radio FM 90s

Ultimate add-on to Android Wear or any device that shows notifications (any smart device or PixelBook).

AI Features - New from 8.3.0 - @

Intelligent TTS @ - speak alerts when phone is lying flat only. Raise (or turn over) to mute.

Optimized for Wear OS 2.1 @

Notification Channels -

Use Augmented to show notifications and disable other apps. Augmented optimizes the information in many ways:

AI learns over time. Manual classification into black/white lists helps to reduce notification overload (improves battery life).

Information is more relevant than native alert (whatsapp multiple messages, email body preview etc). Contact picture is shown (even if native alert does not show it).

Augmented is highly configurable. Android Wear vibration pulses can be tweak so high priority contacts (independent of which app is used) can vibrate differently on your android wear. More info on notification channels -

Wear OS 2.1 Optimizations
- Optimized “At a glance” alert with picture; Picture is shown on the bottom half of watch; Subject (from notification alert) is shown in top half; No action required – it is automated and “at a glance”; Must be enabled in Settings->Android Wear Options -> Optimize Image/Subject must be checked;
- Picture is shown from Contacts (if found) – useful for apps that do not provide a picture in their alerts;
- Option to scroll through prior alerts on watch (can be disabled);
- Colorized fonts for alerts with no pictures (allows for customization based on type of alert and if the sender of the alert is on your high priority list in settings;
- Customized vibration patterns depending on the type of alert and if the sender of the alert is a high priority;
- Deep integration with the Minimal and Elegant Watchface. Info @

TTS is highly tunable. e.g it can be configured to only play a TTS (of an alert) when wearing specific bluetooth headsets (e.g. when running one may use a different headset than when commuting). info on Enhanced TTS -

S8/S8+ Edge -

Tasker -

PixelBook -

Support for Tesla APIs.

Ensure Notification Access for Augmented SmartWatch is granted in Android Settings.

Developed this app for my daily life and it is highly tuned (but configurable). Open to requests as the app is abstracted for easy customization.

Links to older versions (for Sony, Toq) below.

Previous Top 50 Grossing Productivity App (US)

Trial version:


Top 10 reasons Augmented for Android Wear

Android Wear info

For Sony SmartWatch 1 - use this version
For Sony 2, MotoACTV, Toq, Pebble and older watches -
Please send email rather than leave low rating. Will resolve or refund.

Email alerts @

- Augmented`s legendary notifications with full tuning - Why notifications are better @
- Intelligent Quiet Time – can set different quiet time start/stop for weekend vs weekdays. Also an option to enable (in addition to time) if and only if power is connected (i.e. quiet time enable when connected to power during time period specified)
- Global Filters – ability to suppress alerts based on sender/subject content (4 filters provided)
- High Priority Senders – ability to define 4 senders that can override quiet time and have custom vibration patterns based on sender (and not the app).
- Custom Vibrations – enable Android Wear to enable custom vibration patterns depending on source (app) of alert or sender
- Stealth mode
- Hyper-Location based weather
- Phone battery and signal strength
- Backup/restore

Android Wear
- Auto reduces vibration intensity during meetings
- Details


What's New in this version

Bug fix for older Android versions

Update to AI + Intelligent TTS

AI Info -

New-Channel options for Notifications -

WearOS 2.1-



Android Wear@ Minimal/Elegant more

10 Reasons 2buy -

Do not use if Toq/Sony- instead use-