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3.3.3 (Updated)
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January 26, 2019
Android 4.1 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

Auto Respond is like having an away message for your phone!

The ONLY Auto Responder on the Play Store that can turn itself on when you dock your phone!
Auto Respond Pro is the least expensive, most feature rich SMS Responder on the Google Play Store!

NEW: Auto Respond API! Are you a developer who wants your app to be able to work with Auto Respond? Check out the new Auto Respond API.
Details can be found on our website:
And a sample project is on GitHub:
NOTE: The API will not work with Auto Respond Free.

• Auto Respond to text messages (SMS) and/or voice calls when enabled
• Personalized response message
• Create a list of frequently used messages
• Auto enable when in dock or car dock
    o Use a specific message when docked
• Put phone on silent or vibrate while enabled
• Notification when Auto Respond is active
    o Notification shows how many responses were sent this session
    o Users with Android 4.1+ will see expandable style notifications with more info
• Respond to all contacts, or just contacts in your address book. (Only responds to contacts in your address book by default.)
• Create a "Do not respond" list
• Only sends one response per contact, per session to avoid spamming contacts
    o A session is started when "Auto Respond" is enabled, and ended when it is disabled
• 1x1 Status widget

Pro Only:

• Tasker plugin
    o Look under "Plugin" menu for "State" and "Event" for triggers
    o Look under "Plugin" for actions
• Schedule for responses (useful during a daily/weekly meeting, college classes, sports practices, etc.)
    o "Do not respond" and "Custom Response" lists for each schedule
• 1x1 Widget to easily enable auto respond with a specific custom message
• 4x4 Schedule widget (Android 4.0+)
• Set custom replies for different people
• Reply only to certain contacts
• Auto enable when Bluetooth connected
    o Different settings and message per device
• Quick Settings toggle button for Android 7.0 and above
• Enhanced notification in Android 7.0
    o Message can be changed from the notification
• No Ads!

If you enjoy the app, PLEASE leave a review! If you have an issue, PLEASE send me an email letting me know!

Have feature suggestions? Found a bug? Email me! [email protected]

Want to know what I'm working on now? Follow my development blog:

For explanations on why Auto Respond needs certain permissions, see the full app description on our website:

*** I am happy to add support for more languages. If you are willing to help with the translation, please send me an email: [email protected] ***

What's New in this version


• Fixed responses not being sent for some users


• Fix rare crash bug

• Fix bugs with silencing ringer


• Squash some more bugs


• Fix crash bug on pre-Android 6.0 devices


• Fix an issue with schedules that only trigger once a week


• Remove READ_SMS and WRITE_SMS permissions

• Minor bug fixes