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January 09, 2018
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About Radio FM 90s

BestRoute Pro is the best dedicated Multi-Destination Route Planning and Optimizing App with Trip Management available on any mobile platform. Fully integrated with Google Maps and Navigation.

Optimize up to 85 Stops with NO SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED.

We recommend that you try the fully functional Free version before you buy this one. The Free version of the app supports up to 30 Stops so it may be all you need.

Stops can be selected from Current Location, Address Book Contacts, Manual Entry, Google Search, Copy/Paste or via 'Share this place' from Google Maps.

After you start a trip travel and arrival times can be updated to keep you in control of your schedule. Routes can be Loaded and Saved to Google Fusion Tables.

Note that this app uses Google Navigation services - therefore driving directions default to Automobile and you cannot specify that the route must avoid low bridges, parkways, tight curves etc. Sorry Big Rig drivers!

NOW SUPPORTS WAZE, NAVIGON, SYGIC, SMARTTRUCKROUTE GPS as well as Google Nav! Just choose your favorite Turn-By-Turn Navigation app in the List View Preferences screen. Please report any problems (or requests for other Nav apps) on our Facebook page:

*** Version Difference Summary ***
Free: Contains Advertising. Can Optimize Routes with up to 30 Stops
Pro: No Advertising. Can Optimize Routes with up to 85 Stops

What's New in this version

- Fix sharing from Google Maps

- Default name for new routes is now sortable

- List of saved routes can be displayed in ascending or descending order

- Hotfixes for contact search and Inspectorade