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  • Bible In Basic English - Offline BBE Bible Pro Screenshot
  • Bible In Basic English - Offline BBE Bible Pro Screenshot
  • Bible In Basic English - Offline BBE Bible Pro Screenshot

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Bible In Basic English (BBE) is a complete offline Bible for use everywhere. The Bible is free but you are only paying for development of the app.
Ever read the king james bible version with the archaic English and didn’t fully understand it. Then this is the Bible for you. It is bible in basic English meaning it is meant for you to easily understand it. All the old English words have been replaced with modern English to make it easily understandable.

Bbe bible is one of the most popular bibles among those who don’t have English as their first language as it is very simplified. Reading God’s word is fun and all believers are encouraged to read His word daily because that is the only way to feed our soul.

Just as the body needs food, our soul needs the word of God and this come through bilbe reading.
The BBE Bible can be saved on your SD Card if you don't have enough space on your phone memory.

Features that you can find in this Bible in Basic English Version are
1. Daily Bible Verse with notification
You can always set the time you want to get your daily bible verse to read. This bible app comes with pop up notification so you won’t miss a verse any time. These are inspirational bible verses that will keep you encouraged throughout the day. What a blessing to start the day reading God’s word.

2. Daily Chapter
There is a daily chapter that is randomly chosen for you each day. You can follow this style and in a few years you will have completely read the entire bible. That is the main goal of having daily chapter reading in this app.

3. Topical Bible Verses
There are carefully selected bible verses that we call the topical bible verse. This is not an exhaustive list but it does help you to find some verses easily. If you are looking for verses about love, truth, encouragement then this is the section you will love the most.

4. History in Bible in Basic English
The history section keeps track of what you have read in the bible. You can easily go back to any verses you read and then forget. Hence we keep a history for you to return to. This makes it all the more fun to read and not worry about not finding which verses you once read. You can choose to delete the history if you want.

5. How to Read the BBE Bible
There is a summary on how you can effectively read the bible so it brings long lasting impact into your life.

6. Bookmark
Easy bookmarking helps you to bookmark every verse you want. Don’t forget the power of bookmarking because you will need it at some vital points during you bible study..

7. Notes
Are you tired of taking notebooks around. This Bible has notes section where you can take all your sermon notes during sermon times on Sundays or during your bible study. Let the preacher preach as you take notes. Enjoy this note taking feature.

8. Highlight
Mark favorite verses with all sorts of colors that gives it more meaning.

9. Quick Search
Type any word you want to find in the bible and this feature will quickly bring up something that is related to the search term. It can be the full word or parts of it. The intelligent search will find it for you.

BBE Bible is written in basic English
As believers, we know the Bible is the Word of God and it brings peace and understanding when we read it. Every verse is packed with revelation that will only be shown through the Holy Spirit.
Get your bible app today in basic English and let the fun begin with your new bible adventure. There is power in the word to fill you up and to make you the person that God has called you to be. Download your bbe bible now. Let’s have fun reading the word of God together in this bible app.

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