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1.1 (*)
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October 29, 2015
Android 3.0 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

Stream your device's microphone to a Bluetooth Speaker / Bluetooth Audio receiver.

Do you need to amplify your voice? Did you know you're holding a microphone in your hand?

With BluetoothVoice, all you'll need is a Bluetooth enabled speaker (or a Bluetooth Audio receiver connected to a P.A. system) and you'll be broadcasting your message.

Or how about enhancing holiday decorations (Halloween for example) by hiding a Bluetooth speaker and transmitting your voice or a sound clip (which is integrated into the application) at the 'right moment?'

Several sound clips are already included in the release. Additional sound clips will be available for [free] download as time permits.

BluetoothVoice can facilitate your need to be heard at presentations, rallies, entertainment venues, conventions, conferences, lectures, ...

Functional Highlights:
Scan for Bluetooth devices & connect to Bluetooth-Audio receivers (1)(4)
Output Volume
Microphone Volume/Sensitivity (2)
Mute button
Sound processing ability (2) -
•Device Echo Cancellation
•Device Noise Suppression
•Device Automatic Gain Control
•Custom Echo Reduction
Sound clip selection / transmission
Detailed information about the connected Bluetooth receiver (2)
Detailed Help/Information (3) integrated into the App (i.e. no internet
connection is needed). The EULA and Privacy Policy can be
found in this document.

* Note that due to sending/receiving device processing, there is a
* noticable delay between speaking into your device and the speaker
* output.

(1) Connection distance between your device and the Bluetooth receiver
can vary; it is dependent upon your device, the receiver,
interfering obstacles, and the Bluetooth specifications.

(2) Hand-held device specific: Some devices (and Android versions)
may or may not support these features. Even when supported, the
provided functionality is based upon the specific hand-held device's

(3) Available on the main screen and the upper right vertical ellipses
icon. Important - some devices will not show the vertical ellipses, but
will provide a bottom-left menu icon for the context help.

(4) Most (as of this delivery) Bluetooth audio receivers will only permit
one connection at a time. So, if another device is already connected,
you won't be able to make a BluetoothVoice connection.
But, if you are the connected device, you will (based upon your
hand-held device's abilities) be able to make your BluetoothVoice connection
and stream other [App] transmissions from the same hand-held device.

What's New in this version

Added Sound clips released with Monster Prank (ie. you can use this App as you would Monster Prank).

Corrected output volume slider at startup.

Initial screen presents Device Choice (users recommendation)

Removed Custom Echo Cancel option. Future re-inclusion pending test result.