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Zivi Kivi
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3.0.0 (Updated)
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August 03, 2017
Android 4.0.3 and up
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Hello Balloon Artists
When you buy this app you get an automatic $20 discount on your first order of balloons through the app.

More details after this:
The Brody's Balloon Stock app has three main usages and benefits for your business as a Balloon Artist:
1. Save time - you can add your entire inventory with the barcode scanner feature in mere minutes
2. Reassurance – once you have your entire balloon stock on you at all times – you can check if you have what it takes to serve your customers
3. No Fuss Buying Experience – you can buy all of Brody's Balloon items directly from the app and even get a coupon on your first order. How cool is that?

More details:
The app allows you to maintain as many lists of balloons that you need. Maybe use one for a Christmas gig or for your each of your regular customers? Use one list as a reminder list of things you need to buy and once you reach the minimum 50$, hit that buy button and allow us work on the rest and contact you for billing.
For each list of balloon items you can give a unique name and control the items inside easily, as well as search for a specific items in it.
Adding items to the list is done by color, or by text or through the barcode scanner feature.
Once your list is ready you can backup the list (send it via email to yourself) or press the buy button to have us handle the list as an order request.

Features list for version 0.6:
*Search by text - including time saving auto-complete
*Filter results - show only 260, twister balloons, only rounds or all balloons!
Filter brand – show only q balloons or only b balloons or both
*Filter non balloon items – want to see only latex and foil balloons in search by text? Use this option
*Search by Color - with a tap of your finger you can spot what is missing for you in a visual way for both Latex and Foil balloons
*Quantity control - select how many bags you need for each color either while adding bags or only after in the active list
*Free text addition - if you can't find an item in the inventory - feel free to add it manually. I am sure your balloon provider will get it. But if you need that item inserted into the DataBase of the app – please email me at [email protected]
* Settings - set your own email, your phone and name to allow better usage of the Buy button
* Send and forget - choose whether to delete the cart items after sending it to your email
* Monitoring - all of your balloon lists that are sent are also backed up in our email servers - how awesome is that?
* $20 discount is added AUTOMATICALLY after you press the buy button and only at the actual billing phase when Brody's Balloons contact you.
Do you see a need for additional features? Me too!
To talk about it please email me at [email protected]

Brody's Balloon Stock app is brought to you by the guy behind Balloon Artist Podcast (

Want to learn more about Zivi Kivi, the creator of the app? Goto
Brody's Balloons site is:

What's New in this version

Version 3.0 of the Brody's Balloon Stock App includes the following improvements:

• Trash can fixes

• Checkout page

• Job Cost Feature

• Gallery for job cost forms

• Can't access files in Android issue was fixed (may require you to reinstall the app)

• Added Shipping addresses for buying balloons through the app