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2.71 (Updated)
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August 03, 2014
Android 2.2 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

Call Center App is an automatic dialer & Customer Relations Management software application for your mobile phone. Turn your Android device into a Mobile Call Center with the functionality to automate your campaigns. Maximize productive time working quality leads and less time with dialing errors and fax machines. Now with Google Calendar integration.

This app automatically dials outbound calls with your mobile phone or VoIP, sends SMS Texts and e-mails to clients with a button on your mobile device. Invest in Call Center Pro and you will quickly see increased contact with your customers, while simultaneously decreasing your average handling time.

Perfect for On the Go Professionals: Sales Agents, Recruiters, Telemarketing, Marketing, Fund Raising, Political and Customer Service Industries. Spend less time dialing and more time in contact meeting Client’s needs with Call Center Pro.

Pay Just $19.99 comparable services cost $100+ with a monthly subscription.

Easy to Use Training Videos:
Link to Spreadsheet Template Format:

- The latest inbound & outbound call center technologies on your Android Mobile device
- Saves time automatically by rapidly dialing contacts and skipping bad numbers
- Customize & schedule multiple campaigns with .CSV Excel or Google Spreadsheets
- Build & update contacts Name, Company, Email Address, Primary & Secondary phone numbers
- Personalize inbound calls with Caller ID Pop-up with client name and campaign source.
- Easily customizable email/SMS templates
- Take notes about clients and export the results by pushing a button
- Input action dates for your contact to automatically schedule re-contact
- Compatible with VoIP dialers such as LinPhone, Sipdroid, CSipSimple, Groove IP (SIP Calls)
- Customer's name is announced before each call using text to speech TTS technology (English)
- Customize your call results to objectives (i.e. Left Message, Not Interested, Not Home, etc.)
- Add Bad Leads to the Do Not Call list to eliminate Call Center Pro from re-contact
- Easy to Configure dialing frequency & maximum Call Retry settings
- Tracking & Reporting metrics can be exported to spreadsheets for analysis of performance results
- Schedule callbacks or followups seamlessly with Google Calendar

What's New in this version

Integration with Google Calendar for schedule callbacks.