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About Radio FM 90s

Prayer is a spiritual discipline we simply can't live without. Through prayer, we express our adoration and affection to God. We make requests or petitions to God. We confess our brokenness to God and ask for forgiveness. We thank God for his presence and work in our life. Through prayer we learn to make our home in Christ no matter what situation we're facing.

We all love our children and give them what they want, what if we give God's Love to them??
Of course they will grow in God's Love and Blessings always.

Children usually likes to play games on their phone but with that if we give this app to them, then they will surely learn to pray from their childhood.

This app has a simplest design which is designed for each and every Catholic. This app also provides all the basic prayers which are very essential in our day today life. Prayers are in two languages so that we can pray in our own language and prayers for different times and different occasions...

Konkanni Prayers in Roman Script like Amchea Bapa, Noman Rannie, Moima Devak, Hanv Patki, Sotmantam, Dukhichi, bhavartachi ani Mogachi Ucharni, Ladhainh,Mister, Mandament, Sakrament, Aimorie and so on, then English prayers like Our Father, Glorry to God, Apostles creed, I Confess, Acts, Morning, Evening prayers, sacraments, commandments, mysteries,litany and so on.

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