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1.65 (*)
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May 22, 2012
Android 2.2 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

CC Tracker is a workout-logger app for Convict Conditioning and is intended to be used in conjunction with Paul Wade's book.

Now with export/import feature, workout schedule, and between set rest timer!

If you are into Bodyweight workout using CC, this is THE Convict Conditioning App for you!

* Log your progress in each of the Big 6 workouts (Pushups, Squat, Pullups, Legraise, Bridge, and Handstand Pushups)

* Uses customizable audio feedback for timing your reps (up/down and pause times) for each of the Big 6.
Helps you keep for example that 2s-1s-2s timing suggested by Paul for Pushups.

* Schedule your workouts, so you always know what exercises are due.

* Check your progress on all 6 workouts on the start screen.

* Use between set rest timer to keep your workouts consistent.

* Export your workouts. Now you can graph your progress in Excel.

* Import workouts. To import keep the file content structure the same as when you export. The exercise names can be anything, as they will be replaced with the ones from the book.

If you want to test the app before purchase, there is also a trial version with limited workout logging. You can now import data from the trial app, so you can seamlessly switch between trial and full version. Just export in the trial version and import in the full version.

Thanks for all the user suggestions. You help making this the best Convict Conditioning app available for Android.

Wake Lock: Is only used while the timer is running to prevent screenlock. Not used otherwise. And if you turn off the timer it is not used at all.
Write to external Storage: For export feature.

Disclaimer: Broken Loop is not affiliated with Paul Wade or Dragon Door Publishing

What's New in this version

Version 1.65

Added wakelock to between set timer

Adjusted font size b/c of formatting issue on smaller screens

Version 1.5

Added between sets rest countdown (by User suggestion)

Minor fix in progression standards

Version 1.4

Added Scheduling function (by User suggestion)

Version 1.3

Added Export/Import feature (by User suggestion)