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February 23, 2019
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  • CFI Tools Flight Recorder Screenshot
  • CFI Tools Flight Recorder Screenshot
  • CFI Tools Flight Recorder Screenshot
  • CFI Tools Flight Recorder Screenshot
  • CFI Tools Flight Recorder Screenshot
  • CFI Tools Flight Recorder Screenshot
  • CFI Tools Flight Recorder Screenshot
  • CFI Tools Flight Recorder Screenshot

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CFI Tools Flight Recorder

Purpose: The Flight Recorder App is used to record flights using the GPS

The App allows you to record your flight using the Android GPS receiver. These recordings include date, time, latitude, longitude, altitude, course and speed.

The Flight Recorder allows you to review these recorded tracks in a number of ways. You can review each saved Location by looking at the numbers or by plotting them on a map. The recordings can also be emailed to your Mac or PC as a CSV file that can be opened as a spread sheet or as a Google Earth XML file that can be viewed in 3D.

During recording, the tracks are integrated with the Google maps. The maps can be displayed as either a Map or a Satellite photo. So next time you perform some S-Turns across a road, you can record the track and when you are back on the ground re-play it to see how well you maintained those equal radius turns on each side of the road.

3D Viewing on your MAC or PC!

You can also convert the tracks into a Google Earth .kml file.

A Google Earth .kml file can be emailed to your Mac or PC for use with Google Earth. This allows you to draw terrific 3D views of your flight. With the Google Earth 3D capability you can get a great view of your flight from all angles.

Fly it again!

The .KML file not only gives you the 3D view, but also allows you to use the Tour Control to play back the file and have you and your friends ride along. You can position your point of view just above the track and watch as the file plays following the track of your recorded flight. The view can actually be very similar to what you saw from the cockpit.

If you haven't seen these 3D views, please visit our web site to see some samples you will enjoy them.


You can set colorization levels for viewing the recording. For example instead of just having a simple line drawing of the flight you can show everything under 1,000 MSL as Red and below 2,000 as Yellow, 3,000 as Blue and so on. You can set color levels for Altitude, Speed and Accuracy.

With the color levels set to your selection the recorder can create some very interesting and informative drawings. For example if you were trying to hold a given altitude or speed during the flight you can set the Levels to a narrow band near your expected values and it can really bring out variations.


- Record a flight
- Save the recording
- View a live recording in progress
- Review the recorded flight
- View the flight colorized by speed, altitude or accuracy
- Review each individual location saved in the App or in a down-loadable CSV file
- Email the recording to your Mac or PC as Spreadsheet (CSV) or Google Earth 3D views (KML)
- Share the recording with other Android and iOS devices

Note: When used in the cockpit this App should be started before the flight, run in the background and be reviewed after the flight. It should not be allowed to create a distraction while in flight.

About CFI Tools

I'm a Pilot and a CFII. I build these Apps and other software for my own use.

Some other pilots saw them and said "Hey you should sell those".

So here they are for sale. I hope you enjoy them. Any suggestions for improvement or new Apps are always welcomed. Have a good flight.

What's New in this version

- Fix email file update problem