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1.4.0 (5)
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August 07, 2015
Android 4.3+
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About Radio FM 90s

We had to remove the the watch face until we can implement the new watch face api. So be on the look out for a fresh new design!!!!

Please send comments/feedback to - hope you continue to enjoy.

★If you love Starbucks™, then "Coffee Time for Android Wear" is the most useful app you can install on your Android Wear watch right now★

With this amazing new Android Wear App, just flip your watch and say "OK Google, start Coffee Time", and you are ready to scan and pay for your Starbucks™ coffee .

UPDATE: Now you won't even have to say or tap anything, just flip your wrist and pay with the watch face!!!

★ It's very simple to setup ★

✔ open the phone app
✔ enter your Starbucks™ Card Number
✔ your barcode will be created on you watch

After Setup

★ You WON'T have to touch your wallet
★ You WON'T have to touch your phone

Just say "OK Google, start Coffee Time" on your Android Wear watch, and your barcode will slide in on your watch and you're ready to scan and pay. Or just flip your wrist and show your watch face.

Once you are done paying, just slide it out of the way to close the Wear app.

★★★★★ It's probably the most convenient way to pay for your Starbucks™ coffee. In our opinion, it's certainly the coolest!!!! ★★★★★

*** You can set the watch face barcode to hide when the watch dims. Just go to the phone app's setting menu and check the Hide barcode checkbox.

*** Please remember to touch and slide to the right to close the app once you are done paying.

*** We are not affiliated with Starbucks™

Please email us at if you have any questions.

What's New in this version

- ver 1.4.0 - removed BETA watch until new designs are finished

- ver 1.3.0 - added round watch support - *note round watch face coming

- ver 1.2.0 - Watch face BETA - a lot of you asked for a watch face so we've included one. We were going to wait until Google releases the official watch face API's but we've gotten so many request we just said what the hell. Hope you enjoy!

- ver 1.0.1 - added ability to turn off sounds