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November 29, 2017
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  • Creatove DIY Bottle Openers Screenshot
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  • Creatove DIY Bottle Openers Screenshot
  • Creatove DIY Bottle Openers Screenshot

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It’s hard to imagine a more unique and necessary piece to display and make use of in a home than a handmade bottle opener. It is one of the most overlooked items and one that could make any home a much more celebratory place. You can put it inside of a true “man cave”, you can hang it outside where you entertain your guests, bring it out only on special occasions or turn it into the best Father’s day gift. Whatever the occasion or display will be, these DIY bottle openers will serve you well!

Plank Bottle Opener

Woodworking is a skill that is much appreciated by those who wish to contribute their part to the interior of their home. If you have any simple wooden planks at hand you can quickly create a very unique bottle opener that hangs on the wall and never gets lost in a kitchen drawer!

Magnetic Bottle Opener

A magnetic bottle opener is a great idea if you can’t stand the idea of having to catch the bottle caps to prevent them from falling to the floor.

Modern Bottle Opener

An elegant and modern bottle opener is the perfect gift for any man in your life! It’s one of those gifts that are really useful for many years and inspire the gifted person to have a good time with their closest people while sharing some drinks! Find out how this bottle opener is made in our application

Industrial Bottle Opener

It turns out that in our application has another amazing bottle opener idea, this one with a rougher, more industrial look! When mounted to the wall, it definitely stands out with its dark color of polished wood, adding to your interior even when you’re not using it.

Reclaimed Wood Bottle Opener

The best thing about DIY projects is the opportunity to make use of the materials you already have at hand to create something new and so avoid spending a lot of money on new and expensive materials.

Chic Painted Bottle Opener
painted bottle opener that has a significantly modern look and radiates cheerfulness thanks to the uplifting shade of blue paint!

Skull Bottle Opener

Do you want your bottle opener to be very edgy and absolutely one-of-a-kind? You won’t find a better match than this skull bottle opener

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✓ You can share all tutorial to social media and other

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