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September 11, 2013
Android 2.1 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

** Over 300,000 meetings successfully dialed as of July 2013 **

Do you ever struggle to remember the long telephone numbers and conference codes needed to dial into a teleconference meetings? You may frustratingly flip back and forth between screens to input a few numbers at a time, only to repeat the entire process when you miss a number. You may even risk your safety by doing this all while driving! Only then to have your call drop and go through the same experience AGAIN!

Welcome to “Dial my meeting.” This application will extract the necessary numbers from your meeting and dial it for you. Simply start the application, and let the application do the rest. If the call drops, simply start the application again!

PLEASE NOTE: This only works with the built-in calendar (that is attached to gmail or other accounts.) The user must sync with the built-in calendar, even if 3rd party calendar applications are used (such as Touchdown.)


* Automatically dials meeting when application starts

* Automatic meeting phone number and code extraction
-- App opens current calendar entry and extracts data
-- No manual entry of teleconference details is required!

* Flexibility to cover many different formats
-- Phone numbers >9 digits and codes from 4-15 digits
-- Information embedded in title, location, or notes field
-- Priority mechanism when multiple numbers present
-- Advanced override for specific phone #s or codes

* Configurable to suit your needs
-- Prefer toll-free or local numbers
-- Configurable toll-free number format
-- Prefer certain countries (if multiple available in meeting)
-- Pre/Post-conference code dialing digit(s)
-- Pause duration before dialing codes
-- Default phone number when meeting only contains code
-- Define keywords to help find phone numbers and codes
-- Define keywords to ignore numbers that aren't phone numbers or codes

* Embedded capability to contact customer support
-- In-app help to resolve incorrect meeting details extraction

What's New in this version


Bug fix with support for space between phone/code.

Reverted numbering scheme to match iOS


Bug fixes.


Updated to support space between phone/code (10-11 digit phone numbers)