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  • Remember God - اذكر الله ‎ Screenshot
  • Remember God - اذكر الله ‎ Screenshot
  • Remember God - اذكر الله ‎ Screenshot
  • Remember God - اذكر الله ‎ Screenshot
  • Remember God - اذكر الله ‎ Screenshot

About Radio FM 90s

★ Welcome to the application remember God! After today .. will never forget the mention of God! ★
The purpose of this program is to remind us of the remembrance of Allah Almighty during our busy day of life. The program mentions a vocal and written reminder of God's praise and praise and praise and forgiveness from Him Almighty, automatically without doing anything. Just use your phone and the program will remind you of God. You can also add special souvenirs for voice and writing.
If you benefited from the program, your Muslim brothers pointed to it, so judge the good as its agent, and do not forget us to pray.

Now and after a long wait we offer you the application of the new "Muslim Remembrance", through which you will spend a wonderful experience of unparalleled faith .. By showing the adverts on the screen while browsing the phone, and distinctive without the need to enter the program!
Wipe your tongue with the remembrance of God even if you talk to friends during conversations!
The application is very special and has been programmed to work intelligently while browsing the phone .. so you never forget to mention God!
Participate in our global application deployment campaign to 100 million Muslims around the world!
By sharing the application link to friends in Watts Up and Twitter .. Let's make all the Android devices around the world crackle with the remembrance of God!
Features and features
* Control the appearance of adhkar on the screen
** Stay tuned for more updates and surprises in the coming period!
The application of reminding God is unique, for the first time will remind your phone God (audio) automatically in different occasions, which makes you and who you remember God also with him.
** Stay tuned for more updates and surprises in the coming period!
Examples of adjectives spoken by the agency include:
- Glory be to Allah
- Praise be to Allah
- Allah is the greatest
- In the name of of Allah the Merciful
Hallelujah great
- Ask forgiveness of God
- and thus up to 12 different males, will be increased soon.
It can also be turned off when needed and activated again later.
The application is small and does not consume the battery permanently as it is activated only when the call is heard.
The application is completely free and without ads.
Remember Allah Automatic reminder, an application that reminds you of God wherever you are
The application reminds you of remembrance, forgiveness and praise so as not to forget the mention of God.
The application lets you choose between the three reminder methods:
* Reminder B audio.
* Reminds to display messages on screen.
* Intelligent alarm reminder
Apply Remember God: tells you how often you've been reminded by statistics.
An application that reminds me of God allows you to:
- The possibility of assigning the duration of the reminder to the period you specify.
- the possibility to customize and choose the voice adverts - you want to hear - and the text - you want to see -.
- Add your adjectives.
Intelligent reminder mode: Reminds you of sound and notifications if the screen is off, otherwise it will remind you to display messages on the screen.
A reminder of forgiveness
The Muslim
Automatic reminder
Do not forget to mention God
This application is very easy and simple to remind you and motivate you to remember God.
He also added the following
Praise be to God, praise and praise,
Forgiveness and repentance-
Waking up from sleep -
before sleep-
Al-Azhar after the peace of prayer -
Citation for morning-

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