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May 12, 2016
Android 4.0 and up
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  • ケアマネジャー ワークブック2016 Screenshot

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収載書籍:ケママネジャー試験ワークブック2016 第1編「介護支援分野」「介護保険制度改正のポイント」
価格  :1200円

収載書籍:ケママネジャー試験ワークブック2016 第2編「保健医療サービスの知識等」
価格  :600円

収載書籍:ケママネジャー試験ワークブック2016 第3編「福祉サービスの知識等」
価格  :600円


Android OS4.4以降での利用を推奨します。機種により正しく動作しない場合もありますので、有料コンテンツを購入される際には、無料コンテンツで動作確認の上、購入をご判断ください。また、国内、海外メーカを含め、全ての機種での動作は保証しておりませんので、ご了承ください。





アプリ内メッセージおよび下記URLのサポートサイトでの事前通知の上で、アプリの配信を停止する場合があります。配信停止後、ダウンロード済みのアプリは使用できますが、Google Playからの再ダウンロードはできなくなります。


・Android OSの改訂により、アプリに大規模な修正が必要な場合
・当社以外の第3者により配信を継続できない場合★★★ long-term care insurance system revision corresponding! Keamane exam app ★★★
Will the app version of the book "care managers test workbook 2016," the central law publication is published!
Focus on the frequent item of care managers test summary, arcane legal system is also easy-to-understand sprinkled with chart commentary! This year, we want to suppress candidates is absolutely, also has recorded for long-term care insurance system revision points.

App version is while based on the contents of the book, by the finely divided configuration in which the odd-lot, you can learn the various fields as easily, which was different from the book. With marked with function of bookmarks and notes, it comes with a red sheet function. Color character in just one tap will be capable of learning in the fill-in-the-blank question disappears. In "anytime", "anywhere" app version that can be learned, let's aim to care managers exam of the ultra-challenge that the pass rate of 15%!

In addition, we hope you'll brush your answer force to learn together with the collection of problems app "care managers pass app 2016", "[memorization path] care managers 2016".

First of all, please try the free version!

[Point of application version learning]
- smartphone, available in both tablet!
· The finely divided configuration in which the odd-lot, easily can be learned each field.
- collection of problems, such as in the wrong problem Ya If I do not know words, check the related items using the search function! It can also be used as a dictionary.
And mounted a memo sticky functions required for self-learning!
- red sheet function can be ON / OFF of the color character display (fill-in-the-blank question function).

[Listing the contents]
○ care support areas and long-term care insurance system revision point of
Listed books: KEMA manager test workbook 2016 Part 1: "care support field", "long-term care insurance system revision point of"
Number of pages: 276 pages
Price: 1200 yen

○ of health services knowledge, etc.
Listed books: KEMA manager test workbook 2016 PART 2 "knowledge, such as health care services."
Number of pages: 244 pages
Price: 600 yen

○ of welfare services knowledge, etc.
Listed books: KEMA manager test workbook 2016 Part 3. "knowledge such as welfare services."
Number of pages: 133 pages
Price: 600 yen

== use conditions ==

■ Recommended OS and model:
It is recommended to use in the Android OS4.4 or later. It may not work properly depending on the model, when you purchase a paid content, on top of the operation check for free content, please judge the purchase. In addition, the country, including overseas manufacturers, the operation in all models because it does not guarantee, please understand.

■ use of the tablet:
And display is not optimized for tablets. Unlike the smartphone version, layout or is enlarged and displayed, but you may want to or deviation, on your note, please use.

■ Terms and Conditions:
Before downloading, please check the Terms and Conditions of the following URL. Terms of Use app settings - You can also check from the Terms and Conditions.


■ app usage history data:
This application has a function that utilizes the application of the use of historical data (such as the ranking function). On your note, please use.

■ delivery period and the delivery stop:
On pre-notification of the support site in the message and the following URL app, you might want to stop the delivery of the application. After delivery stop, downloaded apps can be used, but you will not be able to re-download from Google Play.


○ unsubscribe example
Such as by-law amendment, if the teaching material is no longer suitable for learning
· The revision of the Android OS, if large-scale modifications to the application is required
• If by the third party other than the Company not be able to continue delivery

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