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  • ジャグラーで喰う技術1+2&立ち回り検定 Screenshot
  • ジャグラーで喰う技術1+2&立ち回り検定 Screenshot
  • ジャグラーで喰う技術1+2&立ち回り検定 Screenshot
  • ジャグラーで喰う技術1+2&立ち回り検定 Screenshot

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パチンコパチスロ情報誌【でちゃう!】WEB版にてコラム執筆中の長崎正吾 著!


合計 +3,165,300円/247日(12,814円/月)

2014年7月 +85,000円/6日
2014年6月 +31,000円/3日
2014年5月 +152,000円/12日
2014年4月 +45,000円/5日
2014年3月 +74,000円/6日
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【 本書内容 】


■ 高設定を見破る
■ 優良店は存在する
■ 打つのか、ヤメるのか?
■ 設定変更を見破る
・設定変更の見抜き方2 【注意】
■ 高設定を見破る
■ 己を知る
■ 立ち回りの心得1
■ 立ち回りの心得2
■ 立ち回りの心得3
■ まとめ


■ 情報格差は無くなったのか?
■ ピンポイントで高設定をツモる
■ サクラという存在
■ 優良店との付き合い方
■ 掴んだら離さない
■ 機種別攻略
・機種別 攻め時 ヤメ時
■ あとがき

攻め時 ヤメ時もアプリ公開予定です。[Period limitation] 370 yen → 290 yen! ! [Reduction in price NOW! ]

Pachinko Pachislot magazine I would come out!] Nagasaki Shogo Author of the column in the middle of writing at] WEB version!

It is a set of "technology 2 eat in the juggler" and "technology 1 eat in the juggler" was Dada who was very popular.
I has been added to the original contents of all 1 and 2, the contents of their "fighting test test".
And hit the only juggler series of Pachi basically, author of this app is to raise the balance of the following.

Total Tasu3,165,300 yen / 247 days (12,814 yen / month)

Tasu85,000 yen / the 6th July 2014
+31,000 Yen / the 3rd June 2014
Tasu152,000 yen / the 12th May 2014
Tasu45,000 yen / the 5th April 2014
Tasu74,000 yen / the 6th March 2014
Tasu53,000 / the 5th February 2014
January Tasu64,000 / 7, 2014
Tasu134,800 yen / the 11th December 2013
Tasu115,500 yen / the 9th November 2013
Tasu107,000 yen / the 8th October 2013
Tasu71,000 yen / 7 September 2013
Tasu181,500 yen / 11 August 2013
Tasu197,500 yen / the 6th July 2013
Tasu132,000 yen / the 8th June 2013
Tasu110,000 yen / 7 May 2013
Tasu123,500 yen / the 8th April 2013
Tasu113,000 yen / the 8th March 2013
Tasu126,500 yen / the 8th February 2013
Tasu99,500 yen / the 11th January 2013
Tasu77,000 yen / the 11th December 2012
Tasu154,000 yen / the 8th November 2012
Tasu100,500 yen / the 3rd October 2012
Tasu135,000 yen / the 19th September 2012
Tasu140,500 yen / the 26th August 2012
Tasu295,000 yen / the 21st July 2012
Tasu246,500 yen / the 24th June 2012

Also answer was not revealed in the "1", "How to Minuki of configuration changes [Note]" of the document
Are hidden. You are sure the high setting deferred Using the array ....

I consider that it is the way it ". To obtain the correct knowledge, thorough fighting" approaches to win juggler.
I hope that the balance of the one that had you read this, will be ever-increasing.

━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━
You can not download The display will indicate "it was not able to download the (application name) ● ● for download error occurs ([AEC-0 RPC:: S-5] There was an error in the information getting from the server.)." I think the appropriate application is not the cause, phenomenon, and due to your terminal. You can search in the net [RPC:: S-5 AEC-0], please contact the company provides terminal of the use.
━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━

[Information in this document]

"Fighting certification examination"
- All seven questions exam questions were based on this document

Table of Contents "technology 1 eat in the juggler"
- Introduction
■ Basic to the "winning"
Specifications of I'm Juggler
- The definition of "winning"
· The only way to approach the "wins"
■ I detect a high setting
1-How to set height of Minuki
2-way Minuki high setting
■ excellent shops exist
· Definition of the good store
· How to find one of the good store
2 - how to find the good store
■ Do you hit, or stop the?
• The required? "Luck"?
· Judgment one "hit" and "do not hit"
-Judgment two "hit" and "do not hit"
-I need the count of grape
■ I detect configuration changes
1-How Minuki of configuration changes
[Note]-2 How Minuki of configuration changes
■ I detect a high setting
1 - Why is the aim to increase
2 - Why is the aim to increase
1 - Read the habit of Hall
2-Read habit of Hall
■ I know the self-
-Take the data (practice Data section)
-Take the data (balance Edition)
■ knowledge of fighting 1
· I see what can be (Ken)
Courage to keep out
Courage to throw away high setting
■ knowledge of fighting 2
-Stop strategy is valid within plus
• Is there quit when
And practice or advantageous for a short time
And Discussion of addictive
■ knowledge of fighting 3
· The reason for using a high setting Hall
And efficacy of occult
And remote operation exist?
■ Summary
· Knowledge of juggler beating
· Roundup
- Afterword

Table of Contents "technology 2 eat in the juggler"

Age was the only normal type
■ information gap or the Lost?
• Setting Public Blogs are also present now
· How do I know the old Day events
And information to help than Slotter blog
■ To accumulate the high set in pinpoint
- It was easier to win by advertising regulation
Sign from a manager
Writer coming events delicious
And Discussion of the corner table <
■ existence of cherry
· The presence of illegal cherry
· The presence of legitimate cherry
· Reason to keep betting on black red until
■ How to get along with the good store
Hall or foe? Or Ally?
-Good store to see them from uptime
- Merits and demerits of the middle exchange
■ Keep an eye Once grabbed
• The case experience the high setting
• When users believe that the configuration changes
· Are there set to "understand" the need?
· Thinking of winners
Grape for low steps after notification
■ each model capture
Jamme-time model-specific Trombone time
Miracle juggler
Lovely A juggler
Classic juggler
Junkies juggler
My juggler
Happy juggler V
■ Afterword

Future, juggler everyone and jugglers Girls
It is an application will be released also attack when Jamme time.

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