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January 07, 2023
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About Radio FM 90s

Do you struggle to hear in busy places? Or find it hard to concentrate at work? Hearing loss often starts with brain fatigue which makes it harder to focus and leaves us feeling tired.

When was the last time you had a hearing test? Get a completely free hearing health check-up and personalised advice today.

Challenge your hearing skills and improve your hearing health in 4 weeks with just a few minutes a day of fun training with immersive auditory games.

eargym is designed to help you:

Keep hearing well - get regular check-ups, personalised advice, and guidance on protecting your hearing from noise.
Improve your hearing with fun and immersive audio games. Practise listening in noise, challenge your working memory, and strengthen your hearing skills.
Take control and track your hearing health data throughout life. Spot any changes as early as possible and receive personalised recommendations to make sure you get the help you need.

See noticeable improvements in just 4 weeks:

71% of testers improved hearing test results by an average of 14%
75% reported an improvement in their ability to locate sounds
55% noticed improvement at paying attention

With eargym’s hearing care you can:

Measure your hearing ability and track your progress with quick and easy checks.
Challenge your hearing skills through fun and enjoyable hearing games.
Improve your brain’s ability to make sense of the sounds you hear.
Discover more about your hearing health and how to look after it for the long-term with easy-to-use resources.
Join a community and contribute to critical research aimed at tackling dementia, in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Society.

“eargym’s games have really helped me focus on listening. It has changed the way I view my hearing and I’m a much better listener now.” - Charlotte, 27

What is hearing training and how does it work?

eargym’s hearing training is made up of fun games that challenge and improve your hearing skills and keep your brain active.

Our ears and brain work together to make sense of the sounds we hear. Think of it like this - our ears are your hearing hardware and over time it’s natural for them to lose efficiency through wear and tear. The rest of our auditory system, the brain, is the software and has the potential to be updated and improved.

Recent studies suggest that regular practice and stimulation can help our brains become more efficient at processing sounds.

Most hearing takes place in the brain, not the ears, and so any loss of hearing function can affect much more than just your hearing.

Unaddressed hearing loss is correlated with social isolation, mild cognitive impairment, and can even double your risk of dementia. The good news? You can reduce your risks by challenging and strengthening your key hearing and cognitive skills with eargym. This can have huge improvements on your work, health, relationships, and social life. Making it much easier and enjoyable to engage with the world around you.

Disclaimer: if you experience a sudden decline in your hearing health you should contact your doctor for a referral or speak to a specialist. If you have any concerns about your hearing health, we recommend speaking to a specialist.

Subscription pricing:
All hearing checks and advice is free, plus, new users are entitled to a 2-week free trial of eargym’s training games.

After the free trial period has ended, eargym offers auto-renewing monthly subscriptions at £3.99/month and an auto-renewing yearly subscription at £39.99/year to give you unlimited access to eargym’s suite of training games and Discover content.

Read terms & conditions here: https://www.eargym.world/terms-and-conditions
Read eargym’s privacy policy here: https://www.eargym.world/privacy

To speak to one of the team please contact us at support@eargym.world.

What's New in this version

Fixed an issue with the app's authentication system.

Fixed a bug that prevented users from clicking the "Done" button on the ear age test.

Fixed a bug that caused no internet screen to appear incorrectly in some cases.

Made some minor improvements to the app's performance and stability.

We hope these fixes improve your experience with the app.