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April 05, 2015
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About Radio FM 90s

If you are interested in ordering glasses online, you will need to know your PD (IPD). This is a measurement of the distance between the center of each pupil giving you the inter pupillary distance.

This tool will allow you to quickly find this measurement as a single distance in millimeters, the most common format used.

This distance is not always entered on a prescription, or may be difficult to interpret as these measurements are not always standard.

We created this app after having ordered glasses online and finding that trying to measure your own PD is nearly impossible. If you have a ruler that measures millimeters you can attempt to find the measurement using a mirror; however, it is literally impossible to focus on the numbers under both pupils at the same time, and focusing on either one will force you to move your pupils, making the measurement terribly inaccurate. Having a friend measure for you seems like it might work, but, having tried this several times as well, we found that it is no easier for another person to focus on both numbers at once, and even a small movement of the hand or eye can throw off the reading considerably. We realized that the answer would be to take a still image including the eyes and a benchmark for measurement. Now, using a cell phone and a little mathematical wizardry, anyone could find their own PD, no rulers or extra bodies needed.

Instructions: Open the app and press the "take picture" button. Your camera will launch. Snap a selfie holding a credit card sized object (85.60mm) over your lips, on the same plane as your eyes. After taking your headshot, adjust the green brackets to the bottom corners of the credit card sized object and the red dots over your pupils. Your PD will be displayed, and now you are ready to order some spiffy new glasses!

Credit cards are a standard size, making it possible for the app to calculate your PD. While our app does NOT transfer or save any data or images, your phone may save these pictures by default. Please use the back of the card or find an old, used-up gift card, store points card, library card, etc. Really anything will work, just make sure it's the same size.
To ensure accuracy, hold the card in the middle to avoid bending and so the bottom corners are exposed. Keep the card as vertical as possible, if it is slanted your PD result will be off.
The Green Brackets should be adjusted so they are on, and entirely within the the border of the card.
For best results we encourage you to take a few readings and use the average, as each reading may vary by a few tenths of a millimeter (Most sites will ask for your PD to the nearest whole or one-half millimeter).

Thank you, and if you find this a useful tool, please recommend it to your friends!

PRIVACY POLICY - This App does not collected ANY data. This App does not Send ANY data. Anything you do in the app is stored locally ONLY and PRC takes no responsibility for anything you do with it locally.

What's New in this version

-Added directional arrow control for Pixel Perfect Precision! - After moving an indicator, you can click the arrow keys to adjust it pixel by pixel.

-Added "alignment bars" so you can tell when your Eye indicators and Card indicators are level with each other. This provides for a more accurate reading.