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2.3 (Updated)
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October 20, 2016
Android 4.0.3 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

Need to get your texts off your phone to print or archive? This app is their ticket out.

► Email text threads to your email address (up to 5 addresses at once)
► MMS support! Export MMS image attachments with your texts
► PRINT text messages! Send messages to your email and print them, save to a Word file, etc.
► Plain text & HTML formats — save your texts in style, or embed images directly in the message!
► Save zip archive & upload to Google Drive or Dropbox
► No limitations — select any and all threads to send
► Filter by date range — only save the messages you need
► Highly configurable, and developer support is always available
► Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money back

If you ever need a copy of your SMS/MMS text messages, this is the app to use! Create a record of all your past conversations for security and peace of mind. Need to print out a record for LEGAL PROCEEDINGS? Simply choose which threads to use, email them to yourself, and PRINT texts!

Customize the look and feel of your exported texts with formats (plain text or HTML): choose colors, font styles, layout and more! Formats are saved for future use and can be modified at any time. Additionally, HTML formats have optional emoticon support.

Save MMS images and texts! If the thread you choose contains MMS image attachments, they will be sent along with your emailed text messages. Why settle for less than a complete record of your conversations?

Don't want to email your texts, or you don't have an internet connection? No problem! You can save a local copy of your text messages. Just select the destination folder and press "Save". You can also choose to zip & share the output with external services such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

*** Your privacy is important to us. Your texts are never saved on our server. ***

What's New in this version

NOTICE: The app cannot access "advanced messaging" or "chat" messages, only true SMS/MMS!

Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.

2.3 - Fixed issue of scrambled names in some threads; fixed issue with duplicate filenames; added font size to HTML formats.

2.2.1 - Fixed force-close bug.

2.2 - Image attachments now use the original file names, when possible.

2.1 - Added option to use thread names as email subject (so Gmail won't bundle emails together when sending multiple threads).