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About Radio FM 90s

Mobile office extension for Evatel, the business phone powered by a voice assistant in the cloud. Use this app to manage all your business communications everywhere you go:
✔Make and receive free IP business calls everywhere
✔Send and receive text messages on your business Smart Number
✔Manage all your business communications ­(voice, fax and SMS)
✔Set your phone status and call forwarding everywhere
✔Check availability of colleagues on your mobile phone
✔Tap to call colleagues and contacts
✔Set call reminders and wake up calls
✔Add contacts to your voice assistant
✔Accessibility for workers with disabilities

Evatel is the ideal companion for mobile business people who need to stay in touch with their customers everywhere they go, in public places and while driving. They can manage their communications without compromising their security on the road.
Evatel is the efficient and safe way to get work done on time.
✔ Stay connected with your office communications tools productivity when you are out of the office
✔ Increased productivity at the office and everywhere you go
✔ Better responsiveness to customer needs
✔ Instant access toyour office’s telephone and messaging functions (voicemail, faxes, texts, call logs and contacts)
For questions or comments, email us at [email protected] We value your feedback.
IMPORTANT: You must have an active Evatel account to use this app.

Evatel is a business phone system powered by a speech-enabled virtual assistant in the cloud. It features intelligent call forwarding and safe mobility to meet the needs of business people on the go.
[•] Smart Number to receive phone calls, faxes and SMS on the same number with intelligent call forwarding, call filtering and safe access to unified messages;
[•] Smart Mobile to call contacts and access voicemail, e-mails and appointments hands-free using speech commands;
[•] Smart Office with virtual receptionist to enable callers to reach company employees and departments by name.
Whether you are an independent professional or an organization, Evatel will help you improve your customer service and increase your productivity at the office and everywhere else.
For a quick video overview click on https://vimeo.com/147637705

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1) Performance improvements.