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2.1.1 (14)
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February 12, 2016
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About Radio FM 90s

Free Time provides a quick and easy way to find an available slot in your calendar. You select a duration and a start hour and the app will let you know which days are available to book an event. It uses your default calendar settings, so any calendars visible in your ordinary calendar app will be used to find events by Free Time. Once you've found a time to book, you simply long-press the day to open your calendar event input page. You will also be able to remove events and mark events as "non-blocking". Non-blocking events will not make the app show a conflict even when trying to add an event on top of it.

When switching to "landscape" mode you will get an overview of the next six days. Short- or long-pressing the title will result in the same actions as the clicks on the list in the "portrait" mode.

What's New in this version


* Added a separate landscape layout.


* It's now possible to temporarily increase the number of days to show in the list by scrolling the list down and pulling beyond the border.

* Changed the settings screen to enable more options!

* It's possible to toggle entire-row-coloring in the alternative list display.

* Various minor tweaks and improvements.


* Minor Tweaks and interface fixes.