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2.10.1317 (Updated)
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August 08, 2013
Android 2.1 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

GeoCam Pro is a powerful camera and reporting tool designed to create and preview of geophotos – i.e. photos supplied with geospatial l information, such as geographic coordinates, camera orientation at the moment of shooting, comments, etc. Using this information you can share your photos of an object or a place with your friends, colleagues or employees, as well as determine location of the photographed objects and estimate distance to them. An automatically generated GeoCam Report in PDF format allows to present full information about a photo in a convenient and visual way and send it to the recipient by email.
- Everyday life: make a geophoto of an object of interest to remember when and where the photo was taken and what the photo is depicting.
- Travel: send geophoto to your friends to let them know where exactly you are and what surrounds you.
- Business: send a GeoCam Report for a real property of interest to your client to provide the necessary information in full detail.
- Social life: inform local authorities of a dangerous pothole in the driveway for quick actions to be taken.
- Accident: send a GeoCam Report of a road traffic accident to your insurance agent.

- The camera is optimised for creating geophoto. Real-time camera orientation and geographic coordinates are displayed in the camera mode on the map.
- Sensor accuracy control while creating geophoto.
- Simultaneous viewing of images, shooting location on the map, camera orientation at the shooting time, geographic coordinates, direction of shooting and accuracy of these parameters on the screen of the communicator are available.
- Simple settings. Ability to define parameters of the marker: color marker, number of grid steps and grid step length; ability to enter the report author’s name, e-mail, and turn geolocation on/off.
- GeoCam Report (PDF-file) contains an image, a map with shooting location marker and camera orientation data, scale value, the address and the coordinates of the shooting location, the author's name, and the date and time of shooting (both local and global).
- In preview mode it is possible to send geophoto and the report by e-mail, or upload geophoto to different services such as Flickr or Facebook.
- The gallery allows to view or delete previously made geophotos.
- Special gallery created to create, rename, delete and send reports via email.
- Editing of geographic coordinates and camera orientation parameters.
- You can view, delete, email and upload previously made geophotos to web- services in Gallery.
- Filtering the geophotos by time and location.
- Adding your logo to reports. Please copy logo file to folder "geocam\logo" to select your logo in settings. Maximum size of image is 420*60 px.
- Upload to
- Automatic upload images and reports to networked resource using created WiFi connections.

Additional features:
1) Upload files to the host computer via Wi-Fi
2) Autoupload by email
3) Ability to replace the GPS data in the standard EXIF fields to user
4) Create any number of geoobjects
5) Create any number of projects
6) Create any number of filters
7) Import any number of maps
8) The use of any number of maps when working with projects
9) Creating and editing a logo
10) New forms of reports
Examples of 3D models: (11.1MB)
GeoСam uses Exif JPEG file extension for storage of sensor data of the device

What's New in this version


- New interface and forms of reports

- New camera interface

- Special mode for logo Creating


- Fixed a bug in the comments in the report-album