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January 22, 2015
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Prank your friends and family with the app that makes any place feel haunted. Ghost Scanner: Terror House joke prank looks like a ghost detector scanner to unsuspecting people, but really, this is a prank machine. As your friend scans for spirits or ghosts, weird stuff will start happening, which will get worse and worse until finally... well you'll just have to experience it for yourself!

The app generates a unique joke prank experience utilizing your camera every time, so everyone's experience will differ. As a bonus, the app can record your entire session so you can playback your friend's reaction! We'd love to see your haunted scare videos so make sure you tag them with #TerrorHousePrank.

Use Ghost Scanner Prank With 3 Simple Steps
1. Tell your friend to start the app and click the scan button.
2. Your friend should walk around a bit to scan the area.
3. Enjoy the show! About 20-30 seconds in, weird and strange things will start happening making the place feel haunted.


• Augmented Reality
• Randomized user experience
• Uses front and back cameras if available
• Toggles your light on and off for a paranormal experience
• Vibrates your device at random intervals to enhance the paranormal experience
• 20 scary, horrifying, and frightening noises
• Record and save your scare prank session
• Optional jump scares
• 4 scary, horrifying, and frightening endings


• Turn up the volume and dim the lights for the most horrifying and frightening experience!
• Use in a scary location to enhance the frightening and horrifying experience.
• Set the session duration/length to 1-2 minutes in the settings.
• Best used with a device that has a dual or rear facing camera, but it will still work on other devices with limited
functionality. Note, there is no camera preview view function for devices that have only a front facing camera.
However, the app will still record and playback the user's reaction at the end.
• Jump scares can be turned off for a more subtle scare which may be even more horrifying to your friend.

Use this joke for any occasion including April Fools or Halloween. This will scare, shock, and bring terror to your friends and family. You can even trick your ghost hunter friends into thinking your house is haunted! Your friend will definitely be in for a nightmare.

Warning: Ghost Scanner: Terror House is a joke prank with sound and images that may cause fear, terror or panic, so use this joke prank responsibly and do not use this on the elderly or people with heart problems.

Disclaimer: Recorded data is only stored locally on your devices External SD card and no data will ever be shared or distributed by the app. Also, remember to get the victims permission before posting their scare video on the internet.

Credits/Attributions based on the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license can be found at

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