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Alexandre Beloussov
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1.02.01 (Updated)
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October 17, 2018
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About Radio FM 90s

This app is designed to help You make informed decisions when buying gold as an investment. Many times on a website that sells gold, the prices are listed for a particular amount of gold (1/2 oz, 2.5 gramm). In addition to the price, the purity would be listed as well as dollar amount over the spot price. Looking at the prices, it is not easy to tell if the price offered represents a good deal. Usually the spot price is hidden in an another section of the site and is not readily available to assess to deal offered.

Typically, the spot price is listed for an ounce of gold, and when buying amount in different units (e.g. in gramms), it is very hard to tell how much should the particular amount cost. The Gold Helper™ app helps to answer all these questions. It provides information of how much should a particular amount of gold cost based on the current market value of gold. The most common amounts are computed and shown, but You can enter any weight and any purity and the would app to re-calculate and display the fair prices for custom amount and purity. This is also helpful when buying jewelry, to assess mark-up over the spot price.

In addition, You can specify the asking price for a particular amount of gold, and the app will calculate and show how "good" the deal is: it will calculate the difference in cost, percent difference and what would be the spot price of 1 oz of gold. This information will help You decide if the deal if fare and what amount is best to buy for Your budget.

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Updated to comply with Google's SDK version policy