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1.6.0 (Updated)
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January 04, 2013
Android 2.1 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

"Group SMS Pro" allows you to send personalized SMS to a group of people.
Please try free version of this app before purchasing.

"I am not just an entry of your contact book!"
This is what happens when you send a bulk sms to a group of people. They all receive the same message.
This time is over! make your SMS personalized, show to your recepients that they are important to you!

★ How to ★
1. Write your message with special keywords
2. select your recipients
3. "Group SMS Pro" will change these special keywords with the Firstname or Lastname of your recipient => the message becomes personalized :)

★ Features ★
▷ User friendly application
▷ Unlimited recipients available
▷ Easy Contacts picking
▷ create group of Contacts (friends, familly, team mates)
▷ contact groups are synced with your google account
▷ The SMS are sent one after the other (the price of the SMS depends of you phone subscription)
▷ Sending status for monitoring your action
▷ History keeping and management
▷ enhance search bar
▷ select/deselect all your contacts with 1 touch
▷ template management
▷ history track of all messages with statistics
▷ possibility to resend failed sending
▷ ads free

★ Example ★
▷ original message from Group SMS => "I wish you an Happy New Year dear [FIRSTNAME] :)"
▷ Brian will receive => "I wish you an Happy New Year dear Brian :)"
▷ Mariah will receive => "I wish you an Happy New Year dear Mariah :)"
▷ and so on... all done with a single sms writing :)

★ UseFull ★
▷ I think this application is not only usefull for a day to day usage for everyone, but also for the following sectors
▷ Social Groups
▷ Small Businesses
▷ Religious Groups
▷ Retail
▷ Nightlife - Bars & Nightclubs
▷ Restaurants
▷ Banks/Financial Institutions
▷ Insurance Companies
▷ Event Marketers
▷ Media
▷ Schools
▷ Real Estate

★ Contact ★
Feel free to contact us at [email protected] => we will be happy to answer to request :)

What's New in this version


- bug fix copy/paste

- feature : resend failed


- add history management

- allows to select all contacts (not attached to any account)

- enhance sms sending


- contacts group now synced with google account

- enhance UI


- enhance UI/UX

- add history tracking module

- add statistic module

- add template management module

select all contacts with 1 touch|sharing feature|enhance sms sending mecanism|add picture of contacts|add animation|enhance ui/ux|ICS bug fix|actionBar