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March 11, 2013
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  • Gunny Ermey's Alarm Clock Screenshot
  • Gunny Ermey's Alarm Clock Screenshot
  • Gunny Ermey's Alarm Clock Screenshot
  • Gunny Ermey's Alarm Clock Screenshot
  • Gunny Ermey's Alarm Clock Screenshot
  • Gunny Ermey's Alarm Clock Screenshot
  • Gunny Ermey's Alarm Clock Screenshot

About Radio FM 90s

Don't you wish you could have Gunny Ermey wake you up each day? When Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey's Alarm Clock goes off, the Gunny will scream at you to "GET OUT OF THE RACK!!!" complete with the Reveille bugle call, the Gunny's faithful trash can and nightstick, and 15+ Gunnyisms. The Gunny heard some of you lazy retirees and civilians are a little bit slow in getting up in the morning. Well no more! Now you can have the Gunny wake you every morning to GET YOUR REAR IN GEAR! The alarm will continue to sound until you Dismiss it. Of course it has a Snooze button on it, TWINKLETOES, but I don't want to see you use it or I will have you doing PUSH-UPS until you puke buttermilk!

Version 2 Features:
* Set Unlimited Number of Alarms
* New Alarms including: Reveille, Klaxon, Standard Alarm Buzzer, Double Bell Alarm, and Rooster Crow.
* Display Clock and Alarms in Military or Standard Time
* Completely Redesigned and Easy to Use Interface
* Choose From Over a DOZEN Fonts for Your Time Display
* Color Customization on Clock Display Screen

The Gunny's Alarm Clock has a nice display that shows the time in either plain civilian time or good ol' military time. Either way, the Gunny will surely get you up and have you fully MOTIVATED to start your day off. You can square away those who are less MOTIVATED than you are, too. Simply show them the Gunny's Reveille App and tell them they are a PANTYWAIST if they don't install it and use it every day for the rest of their life! And if they don't, you simply set your phone near them with the alarm set to go off every hour until they go get the app too!

The former Marines we have asked to preview this app say it makes them feel like they are back in boot camp when they got their morning wake up from their FAVORITE Drill Instructor. The other military people we asked to preview it said it made them wish they had the Gunny to wake them when they were in boot camp. Now is your chance to have him wake YOU up each morning.


May be too much for sensitive ears.


Gunny Ermey

NOTE: Volume is limited to the device's capability. Make sure your volume is set to its highest setting for best performance. The app is designed to be a "night alarm clock" that can sit by your bed with the clock showing and the device plugged in to preserve battery power.

* Please report all errors and crashes before leaving negative feedback. The Gunny doesn't like cry babies that can't take the time to report problems first. Don't be a cry baby or the Gunny may show up at your door and choke you until your eyes pop out!

What's New in this version

* Added an onscreen button to open up the menu (for accessing settings and editing alarms)

* Made the next-alarm display go to the Alarm Scheduler screen when pressed

* Fixed a few bugs with alarm storage