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Create DIY ornaments featuring these glass-enclosed gardens that will make your Christmas tree truly unique, dazzling, and merry. Using a few budget-friendly materials and some fresh plants, you can easily make your own glass terrarium as personalized Christmas ornaments. It’s more fun and creative than the usual store-bought and generic Christmas ornaments. Yuka Yoneda from Inhabitat has graciously shared her tutorial with us so we can pass it on to you all.

So if you love terrariums, spice up your Christmas tree with these wonderful holiday terrariums. They’re easy, quick plus these DIY terrarium Christmas ornaments can stay out long after Christmas comes and goes.

We have the step by step tutorial on how to make terrarium homemade Christmas ornaments! Read on and let’s get crafty

Start off with some greenery that you will use to place inside your ornament.

Remove the top of the glass orb and fill it a little less than halfway with soil. Make sure that you do this step carefully since these orbs are made out of glass and not plastic

Then, start putting some plants in the glass orb. Sprinkle a little water on the plants to make sure that plants have enough moisture. Take note that the plants should not be too crowded together.

Accentuate your DIY greenery ornament by popping in some figurines, little toys, or studs into the mix to make it a little bit more interesting. Here, we’ve added a golden unicorn (old earring) inside this pretty DIY project.

Sometimes you’ll notice that your orb glass get a bit foggy, depending on your plant and humidity. Clean them up with Q-tips when that happens or when the sides of the glass orb get a little dirty. It works perfectly!

If you think everything’s in place and you’re content with the way everything on the inside of your DIY terrarium Christmas ornament looks, you can now pop the top back on the glass orb. Use your chain or string to hang it from your Christmas tree by threading it through the loop on top of the ornament.

Tie a ribbon around the chain of your DIY terrarium ornament to give it a more festive and stunning look.

And finally, hang your DIY terrarium Christmas ornament from your Christmas tree where everyone can see and admire it!

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