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August 01, 2016
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  • Here I Am - Classic version Screenshot
  • Here I Am - Classic version Screenshot
  • Here I Am - Classic version Screenshot
  • Here I Am - Classic version Screenshot
  • Here I Am - Classic version Screenshot
  • Here I Am - Classic version Screenshot
  • Here I Am - Classic version Screenshot

About Radio FM 90s

This app is the Classic version of "Here I Am". A better version is available as a separate installation which has improved visuals and better precision and it should continue to receive updates. If you still want to use the Classic version, feel free to download this but this version will cease to work after January 2017 due to some technical impossibilities. You can install the latest updated "Here I Am" app from the link below:

Be it your mom, dad or your significant other, there is always someone who cares about you when you leave home. They want to know again and again where you are but you cannot stop your car and type texts like that. Here I Am serves you by periodically sending information of your current location in the form of SMS to that person.

But here's what makes it UNIQUE:
The gist of this app is to send the texts while you're out of home and you're busy. it is not location tracking, because there are already hundreds of apps for that, it is location reporting, and reporting is in human readable language and is self explanatory. It is like personally "telling" where you are, but here the app is telling on your behalf.

This app sends the texts in human readable language. The receiver will not be staring at the screen trying to figure out what do those coordinates mean. Because there will be no coordinates, nor will there be a link forcing them to open a web browser every time. The app will simply send texts in the following format:
"I'm at STREET NAME near LANDMARK", or
"I'm at STREET NAME, AREA NAME, heading towards LANDMARK. Just crossed A LANDMARK BEHIND ME".

- Easy to use (provide a contact and forget everything).
- Detailed and advanced settings for users who want full control.
- The receiver only needs to read the sms, without the struggle to interpret it.
- This is a truly BEAUTIFULLY designed application.
- Look ma! No hands: You activate the app and forget it. The app will do all the work at the appropriate times.

This app can periodically send texts to your selected contact about details of your current location. This usually includes the street name and if you are moving towards or away from some place, it can include that place's name as well.
The application uses its handcrafted algorithms to detect if it needs to tell about your movements or not.

PRO Version is available at:

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