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December 16, 2018
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About Radio FM 90s

What is Hijack Suite ?

It is an Xposed framework module capable of spoofing some of the unique IDs of an Android device. A simple hack to customize or randomize supported identities.

Below are the supported identities :
- Android Id
- Serial Number
- WiFi MAC address
- Device build number
- OS Kernel version string

Randomization is an interesting feature for different processes.
It just hijacks the identities on the fly. Hence the original values are not modified.
Once the app is disabled, get back all the original ids.

How to use ?
- You need to have an android device which is rooted and has Xposed framework installed.
- Open Hijack Suite and enter custom values for the identities.
- Press save.
- Go to Xposed installer app.
- Enable 'Hijack suite'
- Reboot the device.

View the customized values being replaced at places where they are tried to fetch. Try using different apps, using which device ids can be checked.

How to find a bug in the app you are testing ?
Understand how different features work in your app under test (AUT).
For example, may be it is an app that should allow coupons to be applied in it, once per user and once per device. Now its a good chance to test if the app allows coupons multiple times by changing device serial number. If you are successful, raise the bug for your development team. Using the app, you may even show a demo for a proof of concept!

Use the below link for any support or discussion.

Try the simple serial number changer before buying.

Note :
The latest app has been tested on below devices.
>> Kitkat
Google Nexus 4
>> Lollipop
Google Nexus 5
>> Marshmallow
Samsung Galaxy S6
>> Nougat
Google Nexus 5X, Pixel C

Please try the app only if you can understand the above description.
It is built for Android application security testers. (pen testing)
Do not use the app for any illegal purpose.
Use the app at your own risk.

Keywords :
IMEI changer, MAC address changer, change device id, android id spoof, hack serial number, hack IMEI, serial no spoof.

What's New in this version

- Release 4.2

- Full features support for Oreo.

- Bug fix related to IMEI.