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April 11, 2019
Android 5.0 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

Manage your Philips Hue lights, Ikea Trådfri, and your Nanoleaf Aurora panels.

What can you do with Hue & Me?

Your lights:
- Manage all your Philips Hue, Ikea Trådfri and Nanoleaf Aurora bulbs. Colors, temperature, brightness.
- Add an unlimited number of Hue bridges or Auroras, this app is multi-bridge
- Create scenes with the lighting of your choice, remember them easily. Merge your Philips Hue, Ikea Trådfri and Nanoleaf Aurora scenes to light up with a single gesture.
- Color your house according to weather, choose from predefined moods, or select one of the predefined images (you can add your personal pictures).
- Control your lights with the voice from the widget on your home screen, call your scenes, turn off your pieces, color according to predefined atmospheres.
- Place bulbs in groups or in rooms to facilitate control.
- Play mode for small children, as soon as they know how to use their hands, play Simon, Light Jockey, play reflexes.
- Organize themed evenings with the generators of automatic atmospheres (disco, seaside, storm with sound).
- Gently wake up at the time of your choice with the progressive wake-up function.
- Add photos to your lights, groups and scenes.
- Gather your family and let them find your baby's gender through your lights.
- Turn on your lights one by one with the "spaceship" animation, great in a long corridor.
- Check the list of current rules on each sensor or switch, activate and deactivate them easily.
- Program your sensors and switches to react differently if day or night, in a specific time range, or the weekend
- Remote access: your Hue lights are available on a 4G connection

Your sensors:
- Manage your Philips Hue sensors (presence, temperature, brightness), as well as Ikea Trådfri sensors (presence).
- Switch your lights on or off automatically when the sun rises or falls (sensor integrated in the bridge).

Your switches:
- Manage your Philips Hue switches (tap, dimmer) and Ikea Trådfri (dimmers).
- Program buttons with your scenes or variations of brightness, saturation.
- Add several actions on a single button of your switches, each pressing performs a different action, looping.
- Enable or disable your sensors from your switches.

And other :
- Plan your lights on and off according to a date, an hour, a day.
- Configure your Philips Hue bridge (name, IP address), manage the white lists.
- Simulate a presence when you are on vacation, your lights turn on and go out randomly.
- Write NFC tags with your scenes or other actions, use the widget to read NFC tags.
- Use the grid mode as a wall switch.
- Change the colors of the interface according to a list of styles.
- Manage the time ranges of your switches and sensors, or what are the days of the weekend

What will you need?

At least one of these choices:
- A Philips Hue bridge and some light bulbs, sensors or switches.
- An Ikea Trådfri gateway and some light bulbs, sensors or switches.
- A set of Nanoleaf Aurora panels.

Visit the official website for more information:

You can first try the free version before moving on to the paid one, however it contains many limitations and displays advertisements.

What's New in this version

- Android 9 support

- Bug fixes

- New permission asked : RECORD AUDIO, to enjoy the disco effect, with the phone microphone