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3.0 (Updated)
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September 11, 2015
Android 1.6 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

iGhost Spirit Box, is an advanced software that generates multiple layers of sound waves that spirits or paranormal entities can easily charge with their own energy, to produce sounds and voices, that we can hear and understand.

Whoever is communicating from the other side, would pick and choose specific sounds waves and charge them with their own energy to produce human-like voices. Similar to a ghost box hardware device, this process takes less than a second, and the results are complete words and full sentences of pure EVP!

Hardware ITC devices cost hundreds of dollars and you would need to pay more for updates and upgrades. iGhost Spirit Box is a Real Ghost Box / Spirit Box on your mobile phone. We guarantee that what you receive is 100% EVP based on real paranormal experience!.

iGhost Spirit Box works exactly like normal Ghost Box device, to capture real time EVP. The advanced audio algorithms with randomly generated multi-layer sound waves from different sound banks, provide the perfect environment for paranormal entities, so they can easily manipulate them to deliver their own messages.

How to use The iGhost Spirit Box:

The best way to use iGhost Box is by simply listening to it! If you can’t record your EVP sessions, you can simply use speakers or headphones. The only thing you need is to focus your attention, ask clear and simple questions, then wait for an answer.

iGhost Spirit Box is also provided with a scrying mirror. Scrying is one of the oldest known forms of divination and spirit communication. The scrying mirror is simply a normal mirror with dark background. You need to use it in a dark environment with very weak source of light. A candle would be perfect. While the iGhost Spirit Box is running, click on the “scrying mirror” button and the scrying mirror screen will open. Keep the iGhost Spirit Box running while focusing on the mirror and notice any changes in the reflected image.

iGhost Spirit Box is the perfect solution for serious ITC and EVP researchers, beginners and experienced. With a simple interface and extremely easy on-off auto scan.

iGhost Spirit Box can be used with or without an external recorder or speaker. External speakers are recommended if you are using a phone without a loud speaker.

Like all ITC/EVP apps or devices, results may vary! No one can guarantee that you will or must establish a successful paranormal communication by using any tool or device. If your first attempt wasn’t successful, try again! Use a different location or a different time until you receive a reply or an answer.

We support our work 100% and appreciate all your thoughts and ideas. Contact us anytime and we will do our best in future updates or new releases.

What's New in this version

- New Sound Bank

- Improved Sound Quality

- Minor Error on Specific Devices Fixed