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October 01, 2015
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Improve your body awareness and mindfulness with In The Moment! Let this light-hearted app help guide you to better spontaneous food choices when hunger hits and quick options are needed. Practice healthy coping skills when emotional states make decision-making more difficult. Your interactions with In The Moment will help you identify the nature of your immediate need and support healthier responses to emotional challenges with food and life.

The uplifting and encouraging messages inside In The Moment help you to stay positive more consistently to allow real lifestyle changes to occur. Sometimes a little encouragement is all we need! Listen to your needs and learn more about what makes you tick. With continued practice, you will get better at creating a healthy, happy life.

View your progress with In The Moment in the Accomplishments screen. It collects the history of your usage over time and displays this information in a way that allows you to see trends.

In The Moment was developed by Kim Flannery, a nutritionist with 13 years of experience guiding people to make better decisions in the moment. She has a passion for people and a unique, uplifting way of helping people grow and develop better habits.

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