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January 17, 2020
Android 4.0
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About Radio FM 90s

Note: the app does not work with the new iRacing forums and will not be developed further.

The iR Forum app allows you to access the iRacing forums in a much better way than a mobile browser. Browsing the forums on a mobile browser is found extremely tedious by most people, the pages don't scale well on small screens and links are hard to click, not to mention you constantly have to re-login after a short while.

This app provides a dedicated way to read and write on the forums and even adds some features not available on the forums themselves (such as Favorite threads).

The iR Forum app is iteration 3.0 and has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. It uses the latest Android technologies ensuring much better performance, better integration with recent Android Material Design and just a better experience in general. On top of that, the new app comes with a lot of new features and has been designed from the start to function flawlessly even across flaky internet connections and a (excuse me) rather buggy forum.

New features include:
- Login status is automatically refreshed when required, you can continue where you left off seamlessly even after hours of inactivity.
- Page loading speed has improved dramatically. On fast internet, average loading times have decreased from ~4 seconds to ~0.5 seconds.
- Search the forums with the new search function.
- Choose your own theme color including a dark theme for night time reading.
- Simple bbcode editor for posting including simple ways to embed images, links and YouTube videos (automatically formatted correctly!).
- Post drafts & history - posts are saved even if you don't finish them, so you can come back to finish them later.
- Downloading attachments and better handling of images in posts.

NOTE: this app can be used exclusively by active members, you can NOT access the iRacing forums without an active account.

What's New in this version

Fixed login issues.