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About Radio FM 90s

The best Japanese pop songs or jpop music online. Where you can listen to Japanese music, Japanese anime, jpop 2016 / 2017, Japanese rock, new jpop, j pop anime and in general the best Japanese music, becoming jpop as one of the most heard and modern genres created by Japanese media to distinguish Japanese pop music from the rest, referring only to pop made within Japan influencing other genres of music such as Japanese rock and Japanese anime.

Jpop (Japanese pop), is a popular musical genre of Japan in the nineties, has its roots in traditional Japanese music, but significantly in the popular music of the sixties and rock music, is one of the genres most prominent and heard inside of Japanese culture; Japanese pop has influenced other styles of music, where the style has been copied by its Asian neighbors.

The radio stations that you will find in this App are specialized in transmitting the best of Japanese pop or J-Pop free, you can tune the best of jpop, anime music, Japanese rock music, Japanese music, and the top jpop more sounded in the radios currently. You can also listen to Korean pop, Japanese anime and jpop songs to the beat of the best Japanese singers and bands, since its content is focused on this Japanese music in most of its programming. In them you can listen to all the music J-Pop online free and the best 24 hours a day. Enjoy listening to the best J-Pop music in this App, a representative genre of Japanese culture.

In this application you will find the best of Japanese pop, best Japanese bands and Japanese rock songs and jpop more sounded, performed by the most representative Japanese bands of the moment highlighting the best j pop bands such as: Arashi, Perfume, Kat-Tun, AKB48, Yuzu, Ikimono Gakari o Ikimonogakari, Tohoshinki among others. And to the female jpop singers most listened to we mention the Japanese: Hiromi Iwasaki, Momoe Yamaguchi, Mariya Takeuchi, Utada Hikaru, Angela Aki, Ami Takami and Yuko Suzuhana; And the male singers we highlight: Kiyohiko Ozaki, Yutaka Ozaki, Chage & Aska, News, Suga Shikao and Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi.

You can listen to Japanese pop, Korean pop and the best of anime music, in this App you can tune the best Japanese music to listen at all times and places and most importantly completely free, if you are passionate about Japanese pop You can't to stop downloading this App, since it has been designed especially for lovers of this type of music. Here you will find the most heard songs of this musical style; Below we cite the following: Shori no hi made, Spin the Sky, Boom Word Up, Ai Ai Ai, DEADMAN, Ex SUMMER, among many more.

So do not hesitate, download it and enjoy it!

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