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December 20, 2014
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You can make your lawn care business grow by calculating the best lawn care bid estimate! This Bid Estimator makes sure you always get the right profits from each job:

First - Establish how much you want your business to make per hour. How much for 1 size crew? or 2, or 3.
Second - Let me do all the math! Lawn Care Estimator will calculate the price and make sure you always make the profit you want. It estimates how much you should charge for a monthly service. It can also calculate monthly price for customers that want Bi-weekly services.
Third - IMPORTANT!! - For the houses you already have. Are you spending the right amount of time per site? Let me give you an example: You decide you want to make $40/hr. You have a house that you charge $90 per month. You enter this info and "Lawn Care Estimator" let you know that you should spend a maximum of 27 minutes if you want to maintain your profits. It's a Bi-Weekly house? Alright then you can take up to 38 minutes....

You see it's easy to use and will always make sure you get the right profits and make your lawn care business grow!

You can make estimates base on the following:

1. Time - how much will the job take? Most important to determine price
2. Crew size - how many will be performing the job?
3. Difficulty levels - is the house easy (just lawn), normal, or hard (large flowerbeds, trimming, etc.)?
4. House Size - is the house small, medium, or large?
5. Profit - How much profit do you want? high? medium? or low?

The calculator is still in development and i will work to improve it so you can have the best calculator for you area.
Since the market could vary from area to area the following features that are planned are:

1. Time Pricing - Improve the current time pricing calculator and allow you to have custom values to determine Profits, Crew Size, Difficulty, etc.
2. Time Per Service Estimator - Calculate how much your current jobs should take. Do not know if your current houses are being profitable? Simply enter how much you charge a customer per month and you will know how much your crew should take in order make the Profit you are planning to make.
3. Improve graphical UI - improve UI for a faster, pleasant experience.

What's New in this version

Ver. 3.3

-Explanation of each estimator.

-Better UI for faster Estimates!

-Settings Action Button Added!

Set your own values for Crew Size, Difficulty, Profit, etc. to determine a customized Monthly and Bi-Weekly price.

Ver. 3.1 - 3.2

*Minor Bugs Fixed

Ver. 3.0

Time Per Service Estimator!