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About Radio FM 90s

Stream #3 has a RARE Frank's Ghost Box and Hultay Hack #5, the 12-587 (alternating weeks). Please note that we have suspended contests for now. Email us at: with any questions.

1/13/19: *** IMPORTANT NOTICE ***
We have received many reports of not being able to connect and only seeing a white screen. In 90% of cases, this is due to a recent router firmware upgrade and all you need to do is REBOOT your router! Please note that the 1 star reviews recently are related to this issue. We are grateful for the feedback. If rebooting doesn't fix the white screen, please email: and we will help you find a solution. Alternatively, if you have unlimited cellular data can turn off wi-fi (bypassing your router) and connect that way. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and were just recently aware of this issue.

Listen to multiple REAL Live Ghost Box streams! Nothing is sound banks - ACTUAL ghost boxes streaming. Paranormal researchers & enthusiasts can use this tool during investigations and conduct built-in ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) experiments. Reverse Speech and Forward Speech ghost boxes are on the app.

The Live Ghost Box Plus app was created by Steve Hultay, a ghost box pioneer with over a decade of experience, and has worked with such legends as Frank Sumption and Joe Cioppi.

Some Features of the Live Ghost Box Plus app include:

1.) Easy to use: Simple start screen shows large buttons to help you locate what you want to use fast.

2.) Multiple live ghost boxes with listener statistics. 2 boxes are reverse speech, 1 is forward speech.

3.) Built-in Experiments: Three integrated ITC experiments that are useful experiments for answers and validation of the ghost box. Experiments include:
*** Random Image Experiment: Pulls from a database of 500 images.
*** Random Word Experiment: Uses an online dictionary to obtain a random word.
*** Random Question Experiment: Pulls from a database of 150 questions. Users of the app can anonymously submit their own questions which will be added to the database weekly.

4.) Speed Control Players: In the Extra Players section, you can access a speed control player for each of the Live Ghost Box+ streams allowing you to slow them down.

5.) Access to Chat Room: Listen to stream #1 and chat with other users, add friends, and private message.

6.) Contests: Ongoing contests giving users a chance to win a real ghost box or other prizes.

7.) Helpful Tips: Frequently asked questions, ask a question, read announcements, and support form.

8.) Bonus Content: Learn about ghost box pioneer, Steve Hultay. Listen to RTSC Talk Radio archives, watch user videos, and more.

This app requires internet access and is available on Android 5.0 and up.

For those that are new to the way a real ghost box sounds, you may listen to one free stream on our website at: The player is located at the bottom of the screen.

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