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About Radio FM 90s

Studying for your esthetician theory exam?

Did you know the organization that provides the esthetician theory test for over 30 states uses two textbooks as sources for creating their exam?* Unfortunately most esthetician students only study from one.

There’s a sensible reason for this – these two books cover a lot of similar territory - but they’re not identical. Which means some questions you encounter on test day won't have that familiar ring.

SO. It was very important to us that state test preparation for esthetician students was prepared from BOTH textbooks. Over 1100 pages sourced for this exam. That adds up to 850 exam questions hand crafted for your exam prep pleasure.

From content to layout this app was designed to familiarize you with what you can expect on test day. Navigation through the exam, and the option to mark exam questions you’re not sure about for review– all this is modeled after the state theory exam experience.

As far as the test content, the questions focus only on material you’ll be tested on. We’ve cut out surplus information (e.g. the history of skincare) – if it’s not on the test, we won’t waste your time. And best of all, using the same source material means you shouldn't encounter an exam question that seems completely unfamiliar.

Have I mentioned the questions are sourced from both textbooks? 1100 pages? And why yes, there is a limit on how fascinating steaming procedures can be…

Thank you for your interest in our app, and we wish you the best of luck with your studies. Send us an email when you pass your tests via our support section - - we'd love to add you to our Great Wall of Win!

* Theory exam prep for US esthetician students isn’t one-size-fits-all. (For instance, students in Florida have no state test - worrying but true.) Mastering Esthetics is appropriate for all students who are taking the standardized NIC® exam, and for students in several other states that administer a very similar exam.

So which exam does your state use? You can find out by going to our 'Your State Test' page:

** Please note a few states offer a 'Master Esthetician' license, which includes advanced areas of study and is separate from the standard esthetician license. This app would not be appropriate for students studying for a 'Master Esthetician' license.

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