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  • Me Know - Personality Assessment made easy! Screenshot
  • Me Know - Personality Assessment made easy! Screenshot
  • Me Know - Personality Assessment made easy! Screenshot

About Radio FM 90s

MeKnow is a simple Personality Assessment app that lets users take interesting Personality tests that are quick to complete and deliver instant results. MeKnow uses patented assessment algorithms developed by the team at Traitify.

//////Who is this app for?//////
Well, pretty much for anyone who would like to have an honest unbiased assessment of their personality based on scientifically backed complex algorithms developed by the team at Traitify. Apart from personal use, Personality Assessments can be used for recommendations in Education, Hiring, Team building, Entertainment, Dating, and much more.

**Personality Assessment**
MeKnow comes with Assessment decks that a user can take. Each Assessment deck is essentially an objective test with questions typically completed in under two minutes. Each question can be answered with a Me or NotMe. There are no right answers or wrong answers .. just select whatever you think suits best as you relate to an image presented in the given question. Too lazy to select .. don't worry, we got your back .. you can swipe the question cards Right / Left to mark Me / NotMe respectively.

Gone are those days waiting for results after spending time in boring workshops to understand Personality data. Once you are done with answering all the questions, your personality will be assessed instantly and the results are displayed for you to see. The results are typically classified into 3 categories: Personality Blend, Personality Breakdown and Personality Traits each of them explained below.

You can take any test any number of times on the device where the app is installed. Want to see how you fared in a test taken a week back? You can find them in View History.

**Personality Breakdown**
Personality Types are used to describe your personality at the highest level. They are used to predict your preferences, strengths, and compatibility in different contexts. Every assessment has multiple Personality Types, which gives a broad understanding of your personality. The results after you take a Personality Assessment shows how much you scored against each of these Personality Types.

**Personality Blend**
Personality Blend describes how your two dominant Personality Types work together to give the quickest overview of your personality. Personality Blend is available in the results for only selected Assessments where they make more sense.

**Personality Traits**
Personality Traits are the building blocks of your Personality Type. These are the points of measurement collected with every response you've provided in the Personality Assessment. They allow you to reach a granular level and explains how you are different from the one next.

**Social Share**
What's fun in taking Personality Assessment test and keeping the results for yourself? Share them on Facebook and Twitter. Let your friends know what you are up to.

If you like the app, please share it with your friends and family.

If you have any feedback or want to report an issue with MeKnow, email us at [email protected]

What's New in this version

Release Notes:

1. Your Results are now saved on the cloud. Change devices or re-login and your previous results get synced back.

2. Optimised App screens for Tablets

3. Minor bug fixes