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1.1 (Updated)
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May 11, 2013
Android 2.2 and up
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  • MedicCalc Paramedic Calculator Screenshot
  • MedicCalc Paramedic Calculator Screenshot
  • MedicCalc Paramedic Calculator Screenshot
  • MedicCalc Paramedic Calculator Screenshot
  • MedicCalc Paramedic Calculator Screenshot
  • MedicCalc Paramedic Calculator Screenshot
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About Radio FM 90s

MedicCalc 2013 is a simple calculator utility aimed at providing a quick reference to many of the common medicine and drip calculations that we Paramedics have to do in the field.

- Simple Single IV Dose Calculator (Provides mL to administer based on amount available, total concentration of medicine and dose ordered)
- Weight-Based Single IV Dose Calculator (Calculates the mL to administer using the weight in either pounds or kilograms, amount ordered per unit of weight, the volume of solution and the concentration of medicine)
- Simple IV Drip (Calculates drops per minute from dosage to be infused over a given period of time using the drip set, amount of time and amount to be infused)
- IV Med Drip (Calculates drops per minute of a solution based upon the ordered dose of medicine, the amount of drug present, solution present and the drip set)
- Quick Dopamine Drip (Quickly figure the drops per minute of a Dopamine drip based on common, mostly preset values that are easy to dial-in, re-figure and administer the complicated drip on-the-fly)
- Parkland Formula Assistant (Tool for quickly figuring up an accurate and speedy drip to treat burn patients)
- More coming in updates shortly!

This application originated from my own want to have this utility on my own phone and wanting it to be plain, simple, and to the point. The interface is plain black text on a white background and the interface widgets (drop-down boxes, select buttons) are all plain, simple, and easy to see in low-light, as well as daylight conditions. I have taken no effort to make this application appear pretty, trendy, or hip. In fact, aside of continuously testing it on other people’s devices and working with the layouts on phones and tablets; I’m purposely leaving the look and feel of it alone.
However, an important note is that this application will be receiving several improvements in the upcoming updates. Like mentioned above, I use this app on my own phone in the field and test it on my buddies’ devices when they leave them out where I can get to them. So, I will be providing updates when possible to improve layouts, especially on tablet devices and large screen resolutions. In addition to this, it is important to allow updates because I will be adding more utilities to it as time allows. What this means – is that if you continue to allow updates for this app, you’ll get more cool stuff in it. So, please update it when updates are available; it will be worth it.
Please remember that any tools you use while engaged in patient care must be reviewed and approved by your Medical Director Physician and/or agency's administrative staff. Do not use this app unless it is okay for you to do so. Also, always double-check complex calculations by at least a second method. If I can do it, you can too. This app was created by a Paramedic with 10+ years experience in the 911 setting. It is not meant to be your definitive means of determining appropriate drug therapy. You must rely on good, solid skills and a keen working knowledge. Use this app only as a secondary means of checking your own calculations or to give you a "quick and close" number to work with.

What's New in this version

Version 1.1 Update includes some improved rendering for standard phones in portrait and landscape modes. Also, some improvements were made to large screen layouts. I’m currently in the middle of completely improving support for all screen sizes, modes, and eventually density levels.