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December 14, 2012
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About Radio FM 90s

The accurate and best evaluated metronome on Android Market now in an ads-free package!

For a really small price you get a professional metronome on your smartphone with every feature you could ask for plus a lot more!

List of features:

- Ads-free!

- Fine tempo tuning from 10 to 230 BPM
- Italian tempo markings
- Load and save presets
- Tap tempo
- Adjustable tempo signature for simple, compound and complex meters.
- From 2 to 20 beats per measure
- Beat subdivision as quarter, eighth, triplet, sixteenth, quintuplet and sextuplet notes

- Beat emphasis
- 4 soundpacks
- Adjustable volume

- Visual reference
- Visual feedback
- Haptic feedback (vibration)

- Automatically turns off when there´s an incoming call
- Runs in background
- Settings are saved automatically on exit

and more!

About License Issues:
If you are facing license issues please update Mobile Metronome Pro, clear Google Play app data (not cache) and try again. There are comments on the internet about this issue, affecting many apps. sorry for the inconvenience!

About permissions:
- READ PHONE STATE allows Mobile Metronome Pro to stop automatically when there's an incoming call.
- VIBRATE is required for the vibration feature
- WAKE LOCK garantees the metronome won't stop after screen goes off

Incompatibility reports:
-HTC wildfire: misplacement of toggle buttons on the screen

What's New in this version

- Updated to fix incompatibility issues with Android 2.3.x

- Added elapsed time counter

- Removed banner from layout

- Much better synchronization between Audio, Vibration and Visual Reference

- Improved layout

- Added layout for tablets

- Fixed notifications

- Smaller footprint (app size)

- Improved license checking process