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These days, people are paying attention to almost everything, from where they live to how they want to live. Modern bathroom design trends have undergone radical changes and innovations, making these rooms some of the most interesting places in the home. The creativity that comes with home remodeling has lead to creation of bathroom interiors that are elegant, functional and easy to maintain.

Previously, most people considered bathrooms as places where they could only get to for the sole business of taking a shower before leaving as soon as possible. However, modern design concepts are changing this mindset. Therefore, if you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom or creating one from the scratch, here are some great ideas that can transform this little room into a 21st century masterpiece.

Whether you pay attention to just one or all of them--for a complete bathroom remodel, these tips can certainly add to the overall value of your home if done correctly. So dive in and check out the changes you can make!

RTA cabinets

These are the most popular home improvement items in the market today. These cabinets are designed to give your bathroom organization, efficiency and additional appeal without straining your budget. Better still, they come in various styles, designs meant to complement every bathroom décor. These cabinets are also available in wall mounted, base, stand alone and corner models.

Lighting fixtures

You can give your bathroom a modern look and feel by doing something as simple as altering its lighting fixture. Adding a unique light fixture certainly will help achieve this goal. Alongside creating a pleasant ambience, your bathroom lighting can also be designed in an energy efficient manner thus cutting down on your energy bills. You can also control the mood of your room by installing a dimmer or chromatherapy inside it.

Tubs and showers

Stand alone bath tubs and showers are some of the common features of the modern bathroom. Modern designs separate the tub from the shower are using vanity finishing. In addition, modern steam rooms come with wall mounted steam heads for expediency.

Bathroom windows

Having large windows can communicate a great message about your bathroom design. With such windows, you can make use of the natural light thus saving you from high energy bills. The best way to give your bathroom a modern touch is by installing skylights. Alongside enabling more light penetration, this installation also serves as an aesthetic addition that provides a rejuvenating background to your shower.

Sinks and vanities

The modern bathroom comes with sleek wall fitted vanities that enhance visual space when you are within the room. Streamlined faucets often complement these vanities and wall mounted sinks. While these sinks are not very easy to clean, they often reduce the need for counter space.


These days, bathroom designs come with great toilet fixtures. On top of the list is the hatbox toilet that is very easy to clean. Alongside these are great designs of urinals that are very ergonomic. These modern bathrooms also come with separate toilet and urinal rooms that are more convenient, hygienic and private.

Bathrooms are some of the most frequently remodeled rooms in the home. A modern bathroom can significantly increase the value of your home while creating a functional oasis for you. If you are considering bathroom renovations, consider contracting experts who will take into account both the functional and aesthetic aspects of your bathroom.

Bathrooms are not just bathrooms anymore and some principles of modern bathroom need to be incorporated in designing a bathroom space using modern design. Modern bathroom design has lines that are bold and clean, décor to a minimum and the use of white color abundantly.

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