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2.0.4 (Updated)
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December 09, 2015
Android 4.0 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

Please note: This app does not download music.

MP3dit is a tag editor for music files. This app can search for album art; fix split albums and song order; and change the artist, album and genre of all your songs. MP3dit can also edit entire albums or groups of files at the same time.

Extremely easy to use, MP3dit is a fully functional app that has the features professionals require yet it’s easy to download and use!

- Supports MP3, FLAC, OGG VORBIS, MP4, M4a, and M4p files
- Edits the music file so that any changes you make will stay with the file, even if the phone is turned off, or the file moves to another device.
- Edits the Android MediaStore so changes made to the mp3 file are automatically shown in all media players, without having to turn the phone off and on again
- Split albums will in most cases be automatically joined, just by selecting both albums and saving (As long as the Album Artist and the Album are set to the same thing)
- Adds/Edits Album Art, which can be found by taping the album artwork for a simple Google Image search, or a manual Google image search by long clicking on the Album Artwork
- Adds/Edits Song Title when only a single song is selected
- Adds/Edits Artist, Album Artist, Album
- Adds/Edits Genre which is shown as the actual Genre name, not a number that represents a genre, or you can choose a custom genre
- Edits song order through an easy to use drag and drop list
- Songs can be selected individually, or they can be selected as a group, or as a a set or groups of albums.
- Have songs that android is labelling ""? Then just open them and save them, and the files will be back to normal!

Coming soon...
Tons of stuff.

Application by Roan Cooney
Reddit: AlteaDown

Album Art in app pictures is supplied by

If the app crashes when saving a song, contact me at so I can find out what song is causing this issue, and fix it for everyone.

What's New in this version


Material Redesign.

Removed and replaced Google Image Search

2.0.1 - 2.0.2

Preliminary fixes for bugs that were reported.


Added High Quality Images to Pro Version

Moved FAB down in Pro Version

Changed TargetSDK to Android Marshmallow

Fixed more bugs and crashes.

Optimized up Song List

Fixed issue that would occur on saving files

Optimized Album Art search.

Fixed Song Re-Order


Added a new Image Search engine. Bug Fixes