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February 11, 2020
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About Radio FM 90s

What if one single app could track everything you want to track? Impossible? Think again.

My ... Collection will track your comic books, wine, (trading) cards, toys, stamps, bottle caps, hardware, dice, DnD characters, model ships, shoes, pops! and much, much more. You decide what you want to track and how.

You can add any field you can think of to a collection:
Only want to track a title & cover for your watched movies? Got you covered. Want to track title, cover, trailer, actors, description, rating, release date, publisher, ...? Still got you covered.

Sounds to good to be true? It's not. There is even more.

Lots of field types

✓ boolean (yes/no) ✓ date ✓ decimal ✓ image url ✓ number ✓ rating (stars) ✓ rating thumbs up/down ✓ reference to a user type ✓ list of references to a user type ✓ text ✓ large text ✓ video url ✓ website url


Every list you make is searchable, making it very easy to find stuff. Fast.

Easy backup/restore

You can take a backup and choose where you want to save them, or even share them to other people directly. Restoring is just as easy. Restore from local files or from cloud storage like Drive & Dropbox.


Easily keeping track of your collections in one thing but why wouldn't you be able to do it with beauty? We have obsessed over little things to make sure the app is as beautiful as can be.

Multiple themes

It is said that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder', therefor we have created multiple themes so everyone can pick & choose. We are even open to user submitted themes.

Multiple languages

My ... Collection has full multi language support. We don't speak evry language on the planet, so we are relying on our users to help us out here. Want to help translate? Click here to help translate


We think it is important that apps don't get in the way and just do their (beautiful :)) thing and fast. Because of this we have spent a lot of attention to every letter of code we wrote to make sure that the app is as fast as it possibly can.

Your collections ☆ your rules

What's New in this version

Small bug fixes & improvements