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Be the best guardian for your crustacean companions! This mobile app is specially designed for hermit crab owners to assist you in caring for your wonderful pets. Give them the love and attention they deserve. This intuitive app will allow you to easily take photos, notes, store and review information about your individual hermit crabs, all in one place.

The purpose is to better enrich your understanding of your hermit crabs and increase your enjoyment in having these unique pets. Information included for your convenience are tips for care and online resources gathered in one place for you. Designed to be fun and useful for both veteran and novice hermit crabkeepers.

Recommended for adults, and children above 9 years of age who are pet owners (ability to read and some minimal math knowledge useful for this app). The screen designs were created with a beautiful zen jungle theme reminiscent of the hermit crab natural habitat. This is the beta version, more updates to follow for you soon, based on your feedback. Some features are not fully operational.

Features -

-Create a photo album with all of your hermit crab pets, including their names and individual details (date of adoption, shell size, molt dates, etc.)

-Create a photo album of each of your terrariums (i.e. crabitats) with details (size, setup, substrate, etc.)

- Record quick updates daily or in the frequency of your convenience, and easily track, diet, activity, shell-change needs, behavior and molting for your hermies.

- Monitor tank conditions including changes in temperature, humidity, lighting, substrate, etc.

- In future releases, customized suggestions for care given to you, in-app based on your unique input.

- Have fun discovering new trends in your hermies behavior and ensuring that you don't overlook important details in their care.

-Information is stored on your device, internet access is not required for most features, however some features will require internet access. Minimal data usage.

-Depending on the android version on your device, you are able to access the camera in app to take new photos, and add stored photos of your hermies and tanks to the albums


-Important - Android mobile device version JellyBean or later.

-Having a camera on the device with access to photos located on the device is recommended for the best experience.

-Internet access required for some features, however, not needed for most.

-Adequate memory available. The app will make use of info stored on the device, however you may have increased demand when loading certain screens and images.

Enjoy caring for your hermit crabs with MyHermiesKeeper, designed just for you!

Questions? Feel free to visit, email, or find us on social media (Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube).

What's New in this version

***Version 1.5 - Includes new features from Version 1.4 and new login flow

***Version 1.4 - Beautiful guided Intro Tutorial !

-Now with GIF support!

-New On-Screen Shortcuts!

-New Diet Tracker feature!

-New hermit crab diet and care tips!

***Quality Enhancements - Improved photo quality,faster responsiveness, easier navigation