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October 14, 2020
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Don't Count Sheep, Shuffle Your Thoughts to Sleep.

LifeHacker calls mySleepButton®, "surprisingly effective". The NY Times, The Guardian, Forbes Magazine, Government of Canada, The BC Medical Journal online, and many others have featured mySleepButton. Popular Science says it is "Just better". CoolTools ( says it "just knocks me out".

The purpose of mySleepButton is to help you fall asleep. And to return to sleep. It's easy: Just push the "Put Me to Sleep" button and imagine the rich variety of images that mySleepButton prompts you to visualize. This dreamy stream of images may distract you from your worries and put you in a state that is conducive to sleep. This is known as "the cognitive shuffle", because it involves shuffling your thoughts.

mySleepButton offers three different cognitive shuffle modes. You can imagine a variety of "simple things" (like a river, mountain and stars), scenes (like walking on a trail, or watching someone play guitar), and even imagine yourself drawing things. It's a surprisingly pleasant way to fall asleep.

mySleepButton is part of a research program led by Dr. Luc P. Beaudoin that aims to discover (a) how the brain naturally controls sleep onset, (b) how to exploit these mechanisms to facilitate sleep onset, and (c) the interactions between cognition and affect.

Getting sufficient sleep can improve your cognitive productivity and overall well-being. So why not try mySleepButton?

mySleepButton uses both recorded human voice packs and synthetic voice packs. The synthetic packs use Android's built-in or installed Text-to-Speech function, which can be customized in various ways, including changing the voice between female and male. See for details.

Updates to the built-in packs are an additional charge (lowest charge next to zero that Google Play allows).

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What's New in this version

mySleepbutton has gone free to try.

If you paid for app previously and have NOT purchased the Simple Things (Human English Voice) pack, please contact us at

and provide your order/transaction ID to reacquire premium status. The ID can be found on your receipt and should look like GPA.xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxx.

Bug Fix:

- Fixed Stub! issue when downloading packs on devices with Android 9.0+