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1.2 (Updated)
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January 05, 2015
Android 2.2 and up
  • N4 Diet Generator / Planner Screenshot
  • N4 Diet Generator / Planner Screenshot
  • N4 Diet Generator / Planner Screenshot
  • N4 Diet Generator / Planner Screenshot
  • N4 Diet Generator / Planner Screenshot

About Radio FM 90s

Price reduced to 0.99USD. User experience has been improved a lot without anymore annoying loading screens and faster diet generation. Also generate diets based on macros now.
Do you want to lose weight or gain muscle without spending hundreds of dollars on customized meal plans which limit the food that you eat daily? Get the Dietgenerator!

The Dietgenerator let's you create an unlimited amount of meal plans based on the foods that you want to eat to achieve your weight loss/gain goals. It follows the principles of flexible dieting so if you feel tired of eating the same food daily on a diet, you can instantly switch up your diet to a new variety of foods that you'd want to eat while keeping your weight loss/gain in check!

App features:

- Smart algorithm for generating diets
- User customizable lists of food
- Diet re-organizer, switch up food/meals in your generated diets
- Calorie calculator
- Complete help section with FAQ
- Save/load generated diets

(Make sure you double check nutritional information of the default food items, it may differ from the brand you consume)

How-to Guide for efficient diets:

1. Add any new food (if needed) to your list of food.
2. Go to Options -> List options -> Create list & select the food that you want to use in your diet. Then click on create list. For optimal results, use 10-12 different food items. (Make sure you have atleast 2 or 3 different protein, carb & fat sources)
3. Go to the calorie calculator. Fill in the fields with your height, weight, age, sex & activity level and click on calculate.
4. Choose the amount of meals that you'd like to use
5. Click on the Generate button
6. If you aren't satisfied with the generated diet, click on the Generate button again or click on Re-arrange diet

If you've clicked on re-arrange diet,

1. Check the list of food that has been used in the generated diet on the left. If you do not want something from it, click on the change food button and swap it with any food item you'd want to use.
2. Select a meal and click on add food. Enter how many servings you'd like to enter and click on the add button.
3. If you need to remove a food from a meal, click on remove food. Select a meal, and click on the food that you'd like to have removed followed by the amount of servings you'd like removed. Click on the remove button.
4. Once you've used all the servings from every food item in your list, click on the save & return button to return to the previous page.

Once you've a diet that you like that you'd like to save, click on the save diet button. Enter a filename and then save your diet.

If you've any other questions regarding the Dietgenerator, check out the Help page within the app or send an email to n4s@n4apps.com

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- Lollipop compatible